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Are you ready to step up to the next level of success for your studio?

Your programs have been developed with a passion for pedagogical excellence. The quality of your teaching is second to none. Now it’s time to bring the same level of excellence and professionalism to your studio management and marketing, allowing more students to experience the enriching programs your studio provides.


Our focus will be on building an inspirational, educational and engaging brand for your studio through a strategic marketing plan that connects and converts. The heart of the process is to build a systemised studio that enrols new students on autopilot and retains them for years. By building a team who are as passionate and invested in the studio as you are, your studio will evolve into a thriving studio that provides you with both the freedom and personal fulfilment you’ve always desired.

From our initial strategy session, weekly calls, comprehensive curriculum and extensive resources, live retreats, quarterly planning summits, accountability systems and continual support, we’ll be here to help you take your business to the next level.

Within twelve months, you’ll be astounded at the changes in your studio- and in yourself.

Chantelle xx

Chantelle Bruinsma Duffield

CEO + Founder Studio Expansion

“We have gone from enrolling 60 new students every 6 weeks to enrolling 120 students every 6 weeks into our introductory program! AND we’ve improved our retention from 30% to 70% into our Foundation classes. Best decision ever.”

– Jada de Goey Teatini, Rio Rhythmics.


It is our belief that studio owners are some of the hardest working, yet most isolated people on the planet. In a hyper-competitive industry, there are very few places you can turn to for open guidance and advice.

You certainly can’t talk to the studio down the road and your hubby’s eyes start to glaze over when you talk about the studio too much. What is needed is a place where you can get real advice from people who understand studio business.



The fact is, you can’t do it alone. Many studio owners struggle with consistently attracting new students, even though they’re trying every new thing under the sun! The reality is, it’s a clear strategy (not tactics) that is essential for lasting and increasing success.

By being guided through a very specific curriculum tailored to meet the exact needs and challenges for modern studios, you’ll watch your studio blossom as you share your passion with more students faster than ever before.

With direct access to studio industry leading strategist Chantelle Bruinsma Duffield, Studio Evolution will teach you what you need to know right now to create a thriving studio you are proud of.

You’ll also be welcomed into an encouraging, supportive community of exceptional studio owners who will celebrate your success and keep your motivation high!



With personalised guidance and support, you’ll grow your studio faster with joy and ease. Our unique “Quarterly Project Progression” model and “Accountability Partner” will help you stay on track, taking the steps needed to multiply your students in your studio. Team Expansion is personally invested in helping you achieve and build the studio of your dreams.


We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. As part of Studio Evolution, you’ll join a mastermind of supportive, collaborative studio owners and mentors. Our extraordinary Studio Mentors will share their unique insights into your business to give you the advice you need to thrive. Learn the most creative and effective approaches to reach and retain more students.


With a devoted team helping you stay focused on what you need to do DAILY to leverage your studio’s growth, you’ll achieve your goals much faster than you would on your own. As part of this uniquely personalised coaching experience, we will help your realise your mission and create a legacy that lives a lasting impact on the lives of your students and in your community.


To help your studio reach capacity, we will roll out a series of proven strategies to help you leverage your time and make more impact with your studio. With out bi-annual live retreats, you’ll have dedicated time to work ON your studio. These events will give you the total immersion required to make creative changes to your marketing and systems to attract more students and grow your revenue.

“My studio has completely transformed – we have quadrupled in student numbers, opened new venues, hired more teachers and built a business I can truly scale. I feel like I’ve grown from being a teacher who runs a studio, to an entrepreneur running a business.”

– Rebecca Perry, Broadway Academy.

Your 4 Stages of Studio Evolution:

The first step to Studio Evolution is understanding your ESSENCE. During this stage, you will step into the role of architect of your studio’s growth.

From undergoing a brand audit to studying the Thriving Studio Model © no stone will go unturned as we throw ourselves into your annual planning process.

You will discover ways to infuse every touchpoint with heart, building raving fans and retention.

Your studio marketing will be transformed so that your studio truly sings to the hearts of your dream students.

studio evolution stage 2 expansion

With your newly beautified brand, you’re now ready to grow in an extraordinary way.

A fully comprehensive marketing plan for the next 12 months will be designed and rolled out at this stage.

Together we will create a completely automated lead-nurturing system and install an impressive new student on-boarding process that enrols students with finesse.

We will look at expanding your online presence and increasing your referrals with a beautifully designed, personally crafted strategy.


studio evolution stage 3 excellence

Stepping into a new level of professionalism and excellence as you elevate the exceptional experience you provide and solidify your studio’s premier presence in the community.

Step three will see your growing studio catapulted into the stratosphere of studio success.

Your retention percentage rates will skyrocket as we craft a loyalty-boosting retention strategy that will deliver year after year.

Excellence is not about making this complicated – with our sophisticated, yet simple studio systems, we will eliminate stress and help you get your life back.

studio evolution stage 4 empowerment

Your final stage of Evolution will lead to your total EMPOWERMENT as a studio owner.

By reducing your workload by at least 40%, you will have more freedom and more time to enjoy running your studio again. We will show you how to clone yourself so that your studio can run without you.

In this stage we will build a team as passionate and invested in your studio as you are. With the Thriving Teacher Model©, you will watch your teachers flourish with a nurturing mentoring plan that brings out the best in each and every one of your team.

We will turn up the volume on your marketing, stepping into being a leading authority with bold messaging.

Here you and your studio will THRIVE.

Incredible Inclusions of Your Membership:

A complete overview of where your studio is right now and immediate steps for growth using our Evolution ARC© map.

From best practice studio management and marketing topics, you’ll learn the specific steps to reach your goals and achieve the results you desire.

2 x 2 day tickets to our popular Masterclass Live Events. (That’s 8 total days of face to face training over the year!)

Monthly training delivering ready-to-go strategies to get your studio performing. The ultimate advantage.

You will have access to an online marketing expert. Each month you will receive mentoring in Facebook Ads, Google Strategy, Search Engine Optimisation – everything you need to attract more students online, in a completely automated way.

Monthly training webinar where we spotlight significant achievements of a fellow Evolution member. During this training we dive into the strategies and actions they took to achieve their results and conduct an open Q&A.

2 x 2 day inspiring live training retreats devoted to learning and implementing best practice student attraction and studio management strategies that will leave you more uplifted and motivated to grow your studio than ever before.

A weekly coaching call for Evolution members to gain immediate insight into the next steps to evolve their studios. Whether you need accountability, strategic advice or some hands-on-support, we are here for you when you need it.

A private vault of content for Evolution members hosting everything you need and more including resources, trainings, templates and tools.

Weekly Marketing Makeovers to critique your monthly marketing materials so that you can promote your studio with confidence and pizazz!

“By following the Studio Expansion process, our profits are up by $40,000 compared to this time last year and I’m teaching less than ever. I’ve learnt so much about how to build a thriving studio and am now dreaming bigger than I ever thought possible!”

– Cathy Huser, Kindermusik of Cleveland.

Including These Amazing Bonuses:

One-on-one session to help you plan the Evolution of your studio to the next level.

10 Hours of Virtual Assistant support to fast track the setting up of your seamless studio systems.

A comprehensive website review to give you exact steps on how to enhance your current studio website.

Access to our private online haven for Evolution members to connect, celebrate and collaborate on the growth of their studios.


When any opportunity is presented to you, it’s important to evaluate it based on the value and specific results you will receive from it, not what it “costs”. Members are thrilled to share that their education pays for itself in the form of new students quickly – and then some!

Many members make back their investment within a few months thanks to proven curriculum and personalized coaching.

Your education as a studio owner is the best investment you can make in securing the success of your studio.

What Our Members LOVE About Studio Evolution:

“This was INVALUABLE! I’ve gained clarity, resources and a renewed vision. I feel like a new woman on a mission with a gorgeous support network. You are not just resources and marketing plays, but a visionary who legitimately cares about your client’s feelings, businesses, health and successes. It is far more welcoming, inclusive, useful and valuable in every sense.”

-Christie Hutton, BOUNCE Dance

“I loved how personal and intimate the group was able to be in getting clearer with our goals. This was a fantastic opportunity to share and learn without being made to feel intimidated.”

-Jen Dalton, Jigsaw Dance.

“The process that you put all of us through over the past few days is nothing short of amazing. I have been to countless events over the years to try and get some help and clarity on what I need to do to turn things around, and every time have walked away with a note book full of notes and ideas, and still have absolutely no idea what it is that I actually need to do. Not this time, I have walked away with a clear path of what it is that I personally need to do, what steps we are going to start with to totally transform my business and the studio itself, and most of all, I feel like I have walked away with some of the strongest bonds I will ever make with like minded, and passionate women.”

-Anna Stokes, Westend Performing Arts

What is I miss some of the content or I'm away during the year?

The great thing about Studio Evolution is that you won’t miss a thing. All of the curriculum Content is stored in the Studio Evolution Vault- a private members area. You will have lifetime access to all course materials. If you are travelling, you simply log in to catch up when you are back! If you miss one of your monthly calls, simply contact our Concierge and we will be able to reschedule your call at a convenient time.

My studio is quite unique, will this course work for me?

The wonderful thing about this curriculum is that it provides a framework for a scalable and profitable studio that has been proven to work across many different studio models. Adult studios, early childhood programs, performing arts academies- all have prospered in this program and we are 100% confident this will be the perfect solution for you too.

Can I participate in this course with my business partner?

Absolutely! We know that we’ll achieve momentum in your studio much faster if we’re all on the same page. By doing this course together, you’ll be more motivated and supported to achieve your goals and make the magic happen! Two people implementing is better than one!

Where do the live meetings take place?

The retreats take place in both Australia and USA twice per year. In Australia the events are held in Sydney, at a gorgeous park side hotel overlooking the harbour. In the USA, retreats are held alternately in Orlando,FL and San Diego, CA. Although we love seeing our students in person, we realise it’s not always possible to travel. That’s why we offer a virtual option of viewing a live stream feed of the event from the comfort of your own home- all you need is an internet connection! Our students around the world greatly appreciate this option.

It sounds great, bit I think I want to implement a few things before I start...

It has been our experience that when students have implemented changes in their business before joining the program (EG revamping their website), once they discover our strategies always wish that they had had our guidance earlier on. With the support of expert mentors giving you specific, step-by-step advice on best practice studio management and marketing, you will get where you want to be faster and with more ease and joy.

How do I know if I am at the right state to join?

Studio owners who enrol in Studio Evolution know that something needs to change. They cannot continue as things are and decide that they are committed to transforming their studio- and they need expert guidance, step-by-step and accountability to make that happen. By filling in the application form, you’re taking the first step towards taking back the reins of your studio.

I'd like to work more closely with Chantelle, does she offer 1:1?

Chantelle currently has a waiting list for Studio Elite, her 1:1 program for private clients. If you would like to join the waitlist and be notified when a place becomes available, please email [email protected]

“We cannot wait to welcome you and support your every step over the next 12 months.

You will be astounded at the life-changing results you will achieve with a whole team of elite studio mentors guiding your path.

You don’t have to do it all alone anymore.

Let us show you that your dream of your studio doesn’t have to be a dream.

Together, anything is possible.”

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