Studio Evolution is a 2 year intensive business program designed by Chantelle Bruinsma for Studio Owners who want to grow and lead their business.

Studio Evolution is my tribe, my safe space, my place to go for new ideas and innovation, and where people will speak the truth in a spirit of encouragement not judgement. I now consistently have over 1000 students enrolled, up 5% on last year whilst reducing my work week by 8 hours. I have a life outside of business”.

Kathy Morrison, Kathy’s Music.


You deserve to have the studio of your dreams - a place where your students feel safe and inspired.


Chantelle Bruinsma
CEO + Founder of Studio Expansion

Share your passion, get control of the business you love.

"Welcome to Studio Evolution - a program that will get you your freedom back. You got into this studio business because you wanted to share your passion with students and to create a place where they feel safe and celebrated. Let us help you get back to what you love, by teaching you about how to run a seamless studio business."

Somewhere along the way your studio evolved into a business.

Maybe you’ve never had a business before, maybe you’ve never been taught marketing, or systems, or advertising or retention strategies. Things are getting out of control. Where is your time? Why do you have to convince your family that you’re doing the right thing every time you spend another night at the studio?

This is where we come in. We help to systemise your studio so it feels like a calm, well-oiled machine, and then we turn on the attraction methods to get students flooding in. We’ll then show you how to build the retention model that will ensure your numbers stay high each year.

We’ll teach you how to lead your team and be the central figure in your business you never thought you could be.

Within 2 years, you’ll be astounded at the changes in your studio – and in yourself. And with a community there to support you, you’ll feel delighted in banding together with the kind of people WHO GET YOU.

Come and join us. I look forward to seeing you you will become.


“Within 6 months of being in Studio Evolution, I stepped into being the CEO of my business. I completely re-did my entire studio model, creating my dream studio. I am projected to now make at least an additional $150K this year!”

Bethany Smith, The Legacy Theatre.


You’re ready for Studio Evolution if:

  • You consider yourself a lifelong learner. You love the smart side of studio strategy and enjoy being stretched to think differently.
  • Your studio is your passion. It’s your life’s work. You are more committed than ever before to ensure that this business is a success and you are ready to step into a whole new level of mastery.
  • You are devoted to crafting an enchanting student experience. That means that you genuinely care about your families and deliver a professional yet warm service.
  • You hold yourself and your teachers to an incredibly high-level standard in the quality of teaching you deliver in your studio.
  • You’ve got zero tolerance for drama. Zero.
  • You take action. If you get a task to do, you’ll always make sure it gets done. You’re prepared to do the work it takes to evolve your studio.
  • You’re generous, easy-going, driven, ambitious, love a good laugh and connecting with others.
  • You enjoy being part of a community that comes together to support each other.
  • You take pride in your work. You believe in quality over quantity.
  • You know there is enormous potential in your studio that is yet to be realised and you are ready to make it happen.
  • You want to be the finest studio owner you can be, running the finest studio with the finest team. You aren’t here to play small.
  • You want to sit at a table with exceptional studio owners and be part of high-level, industry-leading conversation.

Does this sound like you? You'd be perfect for Evolution.

You can’t do it alone. We'll guide you through a tailored program designed to meet the exact needs of your studio.


Incredible Inclusions


Weekly Trainings that educate you in the leading strategies for business success to produce an enchanting studio experience and bring you the profitability and freedom you desire. Our intention with these is to give you the ultimate advantage, educating, challenging and inspiring members to think bigger, differently and smarter.


Uplevel your studio with our Secret Sauce – studio projects we call “Diamond Plans”. Every trimester you will be given these studio projects to complete – this will help you achieve results like never before, with done-for-you resources and inbuilt motivation and accountability to help you implement and feel proud of what you’ve accomplished.


Our inspiring tri-annual live online training retreats are devoted to learning and implementing best practice studio business strategies that will leave you more uplifted and motivated to grow your studio than ever before. Retreat is where we come together as a group to learn and connect and grow. Magic happens at Retreat – you’ll leave transformed.


Each member receives 1:1 coaching calls every trimester with one of our highly trained Studio Strategists to fast track your implementation and results. If you’re after personal accountability and individual advice, these coaching calls have you covered.


The vault is a comprehensive an exclusive library of content for Studio Evolution Members. You’ll find additional resources, trainings, templates and tools to uplevel your studio even more. All trainings are recorded, so even if you miss a call, you can watch it at a time that suits you.  A gold mine at your fingertips.


We know the power of coming together as a group. When you join Evolution you will gain access to the extended group via our closed Facebook groups and Zoom calls. You will be able to bounce off other members from all over the globe who share the exact same experiences and challenges as you.



With personalised guidance and support, you’ll grow your studio faster with joy and ease. Our industry leading curriculum with the exclusive Trainings, Diamond Plans, Tutorials and the Online Havens will help you stay on track, taking the steps needed to further the leadership in your business. The carefully designed parameters show you the complete road map of what to simply do and the timeframe to do within. Team Expansion is personally invested in helping you achieve and build the studio of your dreams.


With a devoted team and trail-blazing community of studio owners helping you stay focused on what you need to do DAILY to leverage your studio’s growth, you’ll achieve your goals much faster than you would on your own. As part of this uniquely personalised mentoring experience, we will help you realise your mission and create a legacy that lives a lasting impact on the lives of your students and in your community.


We believe in working together. As part of Studio Evolution, you’ll join a mastermind of supportive, collaborative studio owners and mentors. Our extraordinary Studio Mentors and Team will share their unique insights into your business to give you the advice you need to thrive. Learn the most creative and effective approaches and be given the practical direction – to pivot your studio quicker.


To help your studio reach capacity, across all Pillars in the Curriculum we will roll out a series of proven strategies to help you leverage your time and make more impact with your studio. With our tri-annual Live Retreats and other key recommendations that you will eagerly and happily take on, you’ll have dedicated time to work ON your studio. These give you the total immersion required to make creative decisions and changes in all aspects of your studio experience to start playing big.


Got some more questions?

Which time zone's do you operate in?

Our company is based in Sydney, Australia. Our members are in Australia, USA, New Zealand, UK & Europe. All of our trainings are designed to be suitable for these time zones. All of our trainings are recorded, so if you ever miss a session – you can log in and re-watch the video.

How do I know if I'm ready?

Studio owners who enrol in Studio Evolution know that something needs to change. They cannot continue as things are and decide that they are committed to transforming their studio- and they need expert guidance, step-by-step and accountability to make that happen. By filling in the application form, you’re taking the first step towards taking back the reins of your studio.

What if I miss some content or I'm away?

The great thing about Studio Evolution is that you won’t miss a thing. All of the curriculum Content is stored in the Studio Evolution Vault- a private members area. You will have lifetime access to all course materials. If you are travelling, you simply log in to catch up when you are back! If you miss one of your monthly calls, simply contact our Concierge and we will be able to reschedule your call at a convenient time.

My studio is quite unique, will this course work for me?

The wonderful thing about this curriculum is that it provides a framework for a scalable and profitable studio that has been proven to work across many different studio models. Adult studios, early childhood programs, performing arts academies- all have prospered in this program and we are 100% confident this will be the perfect solution for you too.

Can I do this with my business partner?

Absolutely! We know that we’ll achieve momentum in your studio much faster if we’re all on the same page. By doing this course together, you’ll be more motivated and supported to achieve your goals and make the magic happen. Two people implementing is better than one. The total cost will be 1.5 x the course fee (meaning that one of you gets 50% off).

Can I do this with my team/teachers?

Our job is to make you the most exceptional leader possible. So whilst this course is not designed for you to attend with your team, we have created it so that you will have the tools and resources to teach your team everything that you’ve learned.

How long has Studio Expansion been around?

Chantelle opened the doors of Studio Expansion in 2008. Since then she has been on a mission to help redefine studio business globally, and inspire a whole generation of dance studio owners to lead and educate in a whole new way.

It sounds great, but I want to implement a few things first...

It has been our experience that when students have implemented changes in their business before joining the program (eg. revamping their website), once they discover our strategies – they always wish that they had had our guidance earlier on. With the support of expert mentors giving you specific, step-by-step advice on best practice studio management and marketing, you will get where you want to be faster and with more ease and joy.

When are the start dates?

We start classes three times a year. You can enroll at any time thoughout the whole year, and you’ll start the program at the next available start date.

What is the next step?

If you feel like this is for you, just fill out the application form at: our team will look over your application and let you know if they think you’re ready for the program. After that, you’ll speak with one of our team members to ask any final questions you have.

Get more students. Impact more lives. Learn how to uplevel your business and lead with heart.


Join our Transformative Program that will have you running the studio of your dreams and getting back the freedom you've always wanted.

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Join our Transformative Program that will have you running the studio of your dreams and getting back the freedom you've always wanted.

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