Studio Owners: STOP parent bashing

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I have been seeing a growing trend in our industry over the past few weeks and it is becoming increasingly concerning.

You may have seen posts like this yourself, where a studio owner calls a parent selfish or obnoxious or annoying.  Breaks my heart when I read posts like this.

It’s distressed me to the point where I felt compelled to record a video sharing what the impact is on your business when you feel this way about parents.

My mum always taught me that ‘For every action there is a consequence and we must take responsibility for the consequences.’

Here’s the core of the matter – everything is feedback.  If you are getting negative feedback in your studio or your parents aren’t engaging like you would like them to, then it’s an issue that lies in our studio systems.

That’s my two cents on the matter.  I hope you feel the same.



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  • Meddy

    I can’t agree more!!! It boggles my mind when studio owners discuss ‘how to get rid of’ parents and speak about them in a negative way. It’s so unprofessional. I am a big believer that the studio owner sets the bar for the atmosphere within the studio. If you feel your parents are rude or aggressive, it isn’t them who has the problem!

  • Chantelle Duffield

    Thanks for sharing Meddy, I am so glad so many see it this way x

  • Courtney

    When your frustration rises, close the door and take a breath. Confide in someone outside the studio even if it is your spouse, partner… they can always give a fresh perspective!

    • Chantelle Duffield

      Great words of wisdom Courtney :)

  • “They are your ASSET, not your ENEMY!” Right on!

    • Chantelle Duffield

      Thanks Takenya! x

  • Kelly Green Sowers

    Great points Chantelle. Every interaction means we are a part of the action, and our reaction should reflect our values. In every interaction both participants can walk away as winners, if the goal on our end is for there to never be a loser. When the customer is the winner, we all win in the end.

    • Chantelle Duffield

      Thank you Kelly and I love your last comment. We certainly are the winners with our wonderful loyal customers. x

  • Robyn Hodge

    Yes! I’m with you! Compassion, graciousness goes a long way.

    • Chantelle Duffield

      Thank you lovely Robyn x