100 Ways to Grow Your Studio

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I love to read.

So when we had some horrendous storms in Sydney recently (see here for a crazy images of hail just 2 suburbs from me) I rugged up in my PJs with a cup of tea and read and read and read.  I was happy as larry, until our sun lounge was picked up off our top floor apartment in the winds and flew 8 floors to the ground!



To me, there’s no better way to gain inspiration than reading and learning about new ways to market your studio.


Unless you have a raging 5 day storm that makes it all but impossible to leave the house, you don’t often get time to put your feet up and indulge in learning…


Because I know how busy you are, I thought you might like my summary of the 100 best ways that are working RIGHT NOW for you to grow your studio.


From online studio marketing, to systems automation to team training, you name it I’ve read about it.

Because how challenging can it be to constantly have to come up with new ways to attract students?

And how many times have you looked at your student numbers and sighed, but not really known what to do differently?


This is my ultimate list of the most powerful ideas to market your studio.  


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