2 Questions to Ask About Your Studio’s Marketing…

If you’re struggling to get enough students into your studio, there are only two possible reasons why….

In this video, I’ll share the two questions to ask to find out how to get your marketing firing and luring heaps more students into your studio!


Hi, it’s Chantelle from Studio Expansion, bringing passion, profits and purpose to your studio.

More and more studio directors are telling me that it is so much more competitive these days to attract students.  I’m hearing that back in the good old days, you placed an advertisement and the phone rang!  But now, with so many more studios and so many more choices of activities for kids, getting your advertising to cut through the crowd is a lot harder.

Today I want to share with you a concept that might help you see why your phone isn’t ringing off the hook with enquiries.

Ok, so There are two sides to marketing.  One is awareness and the other is connection.

Awareness is getting your ad in front of the eyes of potential students.

Connection is getting those potential students to come to your studio.

Here’s the thing – when I work with studios, most of them want to work on their awareness.  They want to find more ways of reaching new students

But I’ve found that it’s more important to firstly find out why their current marketing isn’t working.  Because more than likely, they’re probably already advertising in the right places, they’re just not getting the students in the door.

For example, let’s say you’re advertising in a local school newsletter – that’s a perfect place to advertise.  BUT, if you’re not getting many responses, something in your marketing is not connecting as well as it could.  The secret lies in getting more people to respond to your ad.

So where I like to start is on the connection side.  Because it’s all very well and good to build your awareness and flood the market with advertising but, if it’s not going to connect with the student – that’s money down the drain.  So we start your marketing message first.

So here are the two questions to ask when your marketing isn’t connecting:

  1. Is my marketing getting in front of the eyes of the right people?  And if the answer is YES and you think your awareness is on track, then the second step is to look at your ad and ask this next question:
  2. What is the one thing I could do to create more impact through the ad?  Sometimes tweaking a headline or changing an image can create a huge difference in the level of response you get to an ad.  How can you communicate what you do in a way that makes them go WOW- that sounds great!

Remember, marketing with an ad that doesn’t connect is like trying to carrying water in a bucket with a hole in it.  Once we plug the hole, then your marketing will work.

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