3 Website Tweaks to Make

Fact: Your About Us page is the most important page of your website. Whilst statistics show that it’s the second most viewed page on your site (after your homepage) but it’s actually more important than your homepage.

This is the page where people really get to know your studio. And it’s where they’ll decide whether they like you (or not).

Here’s the problem though: Most studio’s confuse About Us with About ME!

They’ll list where they’ve performed, where they studied, the teacher’s they’ve learnt under – all about THEM!

Think for a moment. If you’re a parent going to an About Us page – what do you really want?

More than likely, you’re looking to see whether this is the type of studio that’s really going to look after your child. A studio that’s going to nurture their talents and cherish their dreams. With people who with encourage and support them with the best education in town.

They want to see your passion for your students – NOT your CV.

So use your About Us page to share testimonials from parents that reinforce the fact that you are a studio that provides an exceptional environment to learn. Provide case studies of students who have gone on to achieve great things. Share your educational philosophy and why you are passionate about getting results with your students.

Shine the spotlight onto your students and you’ll create more of a connection with potential students.

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