5 Ways to Make More Money in Your Studio

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There are five ways of making more money in your studio:

1.  Attracting more students

2. Offering more experiences to your current students

3. Increasing your prices

4. Cutting costs

5. Converting more enquiries into paying students


If you need cash-flow RIGHT NOW, the best place to look is at Number 2.


They’re already adoring students so you don’t need to start selling to them from scratch.

All you have to do is present them with a “WOW-that-sounds-amazing!!”  experience they’d love to do!

Easy as that.

Get creative with your offers.  Mix it up from what you normally do and people will be keen to come on board.  

So, what types of bonus experiences could you offer?

Could you offer your students a sensational workshop to attend?  Or perhaps an excursion?  

Perhaps you can create a one off performance practice day 0r bring in an expert to host a masterclass?

Maybe you could create a 10 week blitz program or competition with a prize for the person who attends the most classes?

The message here is, invite them to do more of what they love and give your students a boost of happiness – and your bank balance a boost too!


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