A Sydney Studio Evolution (…or REVOLUTION?!?)

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Something very special happened this past weekend in Sydney.

This is a group of very remarkable studio owners, with revolutionary studios.


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Over extraordinary four days, we set new visions for our studios, challenged our beliefs and supported each other in turning our studios into thriving businesses.

At both the Studio Squared member retreat and the Studio Evolution Masterclass, these women came together to share their collective wisdom and embrace the potential our industry offers.

“This weekend has been the most AMAZING week of collaboration with likeminded and knowledgable women who are all aiming for the same goal.  Chantelle you have made everything so clear.  I have gained so much clarity in what it is what I personally need so that I can allow my business to move forward and grow.  I am walking away knowing what I need to do, not just a bunch of notes to go through.” – Nicole Wheeler


Over picnic lunches in the park overlooking Sydney harbour, we chatted about where to find outstanding teachers and how to negotiate leases.

We shared our stories of how we got into teaching and traded war stories of what *really* happens when you run a studio…

“The process that you put all of us through over the past few days is nothing short of amazing. I have been to countless events over the years to try and get some help and clarity on what I need to do to turn things around, and every time have walked away with a note book full of notes and ideas, and still have absolutely no idea what it is that I actually need to do. Not this time. I have walked away with a clear path of what it is that I personally need to do, what steps we are going to start with to totally transform my business and the studio itself, and most of all, I feel like I have walked away with some of the strongest bonds I will ever make with like minded, and passionate women.”  – Anna Stokes


We started by envisaging the dream team we would need in order to run our dream studio and created organisational charts that make it clear how to make it a reality, one step at a time.

“This was INVALUABLE!  I’ve gained clarity, resources and a renewed vision.  I feel like a new woman on a mission with a gorgeous support network.  You are not just resources and marketing plays, but a visionary who legitimately cares about your client’s feelings, businesses, health and successes.  It is far more welcoming, inclusive, useful and valuable in every sense.”  – Christie Hutton


We shone a light on all the ‘clunky’ areas of our studio, things that aren’t currently running as smoothly or as streamlined as we would like.  It’s amazing when you take the time to step back how clearly we can see the gaps in the business, which then makes it easy to set a plan to fix things.

We created quarterly word of mouth plans, so that we can enjoy a steady stream of new students arriving into the studio month after month.  And when the weather is this nice – who wants to be in a conference room!

“I’ve gained a new way of thinking about the balance of business/life and that I need to effectively manage all areas to succeed.” – Jo McKinley


This event was about so much more than working on our studios (although we achieved much more than we imagined).  These four days were about reconnecting with WHY we run our studios and setting our direction for the year ahead.

Over fabulous feasts of slow roast greek lamb and potatoes, wine in hand, we are able to connect on a whole new level.  It is rare to have the opportunity to speak openly and honestly about what it’s really like to run a studio.  To let your guard down and not be worried about competition, or about your hubby’s eyes glazing over.

We refuel our tanks as studio owners by surrounding ourselves with gorgeous women who have walked the same path.   When you carry all the responsibility of running a studio on your shoulders, there is nothing more nourishing than knowing you are not alone.

“I loved how personal and intimate the group was able to be in getting clearer with our goals.  This was a fantastic opportunity to share and learn without being made to feel intimidated.” – Jen Dalton


These four days were not only about strategy, but about discovering a support network who have got your back and who will be there for you long after you return home.

“The biggest thing I gained from this event was the wonderful camaraderie, bonding, friendships, feeling of inclusion and joy in meeting my tribe of studio owners.  There really is no comparision for indepth specific information and gold about running a studio.  A very special event.  I feel I have made some really beautiful friendships as well as gaining business insights.” – Elke Crowe


Four days to work ON your studio.  What an indulgence.  To be guided at every stage and encouraged to think deeper, to set the bar of excellence higher, to challenge your expectations.

Remarkable studio growth doesn’t happen with a new tactic or a new way of attracting students.  When we evolve, our studios must evolve too.

“This event was productive, I felt that having the opportunity and the time to focus on where I would like to take my business (my vision) and how to get there has given me the clarity I need.  I can step into my power as a business owner and create an amazing business that will leave a legacy” – Amanda Roche

IMG_8022 In such a hyper competitive industry, there are very few opportunities to truly gain the support we need.  There are too many times when you’re left to feel isolated and constrained in communication.  This was an event that centred on creative collaboration – with a little bit of luxury thrown in as well.

Our VIPs were treated to an evening at 360 Dining at the top of Centrepoint Tower.  Thankfully, a glass of Prosecco settled our tummy’s from the revolving view of Sydney!  The conversation was authentic, powerful and inspiring.

“This was an amazing experience full of learning, inspiration, fun and growth in a room full of wonderful, passionate studio owners.” – Michelle DarkIMG_8030

Connecting with studios who are in a similar stage is the greatest gift.  Collaborating together to brainstorm the big challenges leads to the happiest of happy lightbulb moments.  Learning how successful studio owners think gives us an incredible insight into how to make different decisions in the business – and therefore gain different results.

“I have found myself again and have such clarity of strategy – you have given me the stepping stones to achieve my goal.  This has been life changing for me.  I’ve gone from thinking I can’t achieve this to saying ‘don’t be ridiculous!!'” – Noni Vassos


After our case study on exceeding expectations for our students, we were visited by my wonderful husband Travis who came to share how he creates magical experiences for his LuxGolf clients on a daily basis.

“It’s like no other event I’ve attended.  Intimate, practical and such useful advice.  I have a changed mindset of what I believe is the purpose of our teachers and so many ideas to put into action.  It breaks you and your business into achievable, bite sized pieces.” – Sandra Lie


With our focus on SIMPLIFYING our studios, the brilliant Louise Griffiths (my incredible online business manager) came to share the best technology to use in the studio to get more done in less time.  Her 5 page guide of tools were gobbled up by all!

“This was fabulous, informative, relaxed and a great atmosphere – I’ve walked away with a plan for the next 12 months and a belief that I can achieve it.” – Kylie Clift


It is possible to take your studio from good to GREAT.  All it takes is a renewed vision of what we are striving to achieve.  If you feel you’ve been on the hamster wheel, just keeping your head above water for too long, doing MORE is not the solution.  It’s looking at your studio in a whole new light.  We want to identify the brutal facts about what is working and what is not.  Then we can maximise your strengths and your passion to create a truly remarkable studio with an experience that attract students like bees to honey.

“I regained my confidence and belief in my abilities.  This was the most uplifting, helpful event I have ever attended.  I learnt more in 4 days than my year at uni” – Pauline Hincks


You are not in this alone.  Together, we thrive.

Thank you to all our beautiful attendees.  The tears, laughter and moments we shared we will all cherish for a very long time.

I am so grateful to have shared this weekend of transformation with you and cannot wait to watch you and your studios flourish over the months and years to come.  Counting down until we are all reunited again.

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Chantelle xxx

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