“I’m a teacher at heart and someone who’s seen how the performing arts has the power to turn lives around. My goal is to help your studio reach more students and in turn give them the life-enriching benefits that you do best.”

Chantelle Bruinsma - Director of Studio Expansion



Studio Expansion empowers performing arts studio owners with the vision, inspiration and resources to create thriving studios.  
Over the past 10 years founder and CEO Chantelle Bruinsma Duffield has helped thousands of studio owners make a profound impact in the lives of their students and their communities.  Studio Expansion’s transformational online programs turn regular neighbourhood studios into lucrative, scalable and heart-centred businesses.  



We show you the best low-cost (but high-impact) ways to attract students that are guaranteed to be your dream students. With no-fuss, easy to follow ‘How To’ steps, you’ll have more time to do what you love.


Boost your WOW Factor and superglue your students to your studio with proven retention strategies. Design a student experience that knocks their socks off and creates raving fans of your studio for life.


If you have an outrageous vision for your studio – we’ll help to make it a reality. With a combination of strategy, systemisation and support, you’ll see your studio grow to it’s full potential.



As teachers, we adore seeing our students beam with pride and radiate joy. By creating an outstanding student experience that inspires a lifelong passion for performing, your students and your studio will thrive.


Our goal is to give you more income and more independence from the studio (meaning that the studio doesn’t rely on you to do EVERYTHING), giving you more flexibility and choice to run the studio on your terms.


The happiest moments as a studio director are watching your students perform their hearts out, whilst seeing the smiles and tears of pride on their family’s faces. Together, we’ll create opportunities for ever-increasing numbers of students to create memories they’ll treasure for life.

Your studio is like your family. Your students are like your kids and all you want to do is give them more opportunities that make their eyes sparkle with joy. You love how your studio feels like a family and want more than anything for that family to grow.

You’d love to feel supported in growing your studio, have someone to bounce ideas off and who can give you some guidance to make running your studio a bit easier. You’d love to know what really works when it comes to marketing, so you’re not spending so much money on advertising that’s not bringing students in.

You’re ready to step things up. You know your studio gives the best tuition in town, you just need more people to know about it (and to have your marketing set up to do all the heavy lifting for you). You’d love to boost your income and finally see your studio thrive the way you know it can.

An acclaimed teacher, Chantelle Bruinsma Duffield [BMus (MusEd)] grew up performing in musicals before pursuing opera and later choral conducting as a passion.  “I’m a teacher at heart and I know how much you give to your students as a studio owner. My goal is to help you reach more students and make running your studio easier so that you can have more time to focus on what makes your heart sing – inspiring students through the joy of the performing arts.”  As an educator, Chantelle has sat on multiple Performing Arts Boards and acted as an Ambassador for national organisations such as Music Count Us In, ABC’s Sing Books, Schools Spectacular and The Arts Unit.

Whilst studying for her teaching degree, Chantelle founded a successful performing arts studio, which over four years spread to six venues across Sydney.  With rapid growth, a team of 35 teachers and 1000+ students, it was not long before Chantelle was approached to share her strategies with other studio owners as a coach and mentor.   After word of her results spread and her increased training as a NLP Master Practitioner, she quickly reached capacity with her Studio Expansion private clients.

Turning Studio Expansion into an online community in 2013 was the turning point in her reach and influence.  Studios from every corner of the globe, from North America to the United Kingdom, Portugal to Malaysia have attracted more students, boosted retention, built a loyal team and systemised their studios thanks to her online programs.  Organisations such as Dance Informa Magazine, Kindermusik International and Jackrabbit Studio Management Software have engaged Chantelle to bring vision to their members.   

A dynamic and sought after speaker, Chantelle’s powerful messages, practical approach and her warm spirit inspire and motivate. She hosts retreats and events that transforms her client’s perception of what is possible in their businesses with a combination of hands on coaching, inspiring case studies and creative collaboration.  With her combination of innovative strategies and a welcoming sense of community that is so rare in the performing arts industry, her workshops are unlike any other.  

Chantelle is on a mission to help women step into the next level of success in their studios, experiencing more passion, more profits and more purpose than ever before.  The Studio Expansion community is a sanctuary for studio owners, giving them not only the practical resources and strategies to succeed, but also the supportive network that enables them to thrive.   

When not travelling for speaking engagements or to work with her beloved clients, Chantelle lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband Travis and daughter Madeline.

If growing your studio family is the one thing that would make a huge difference in your life, together we can make that happen.

No more overwhelm. No more scraping by month-to-month. No more small class sizes. No more struggling to find the right teachers. No more losing students for no reason. No more admin avalanches. No more feeling like you don’t know what to do next.

Together, let’s create a waiting list for your classes. Let’s get organised and start planning what we need to do to set you up for growth. Let’s get teachers on board who are as passionate about your studio as you are. Let’s set up your marketing to attract students who feel like your studio is their second home. Let’s take this passion of yours and turn it into a serious business.