The Best Activity to Open Your Next Team Retreat or Meeting

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Ever feel a bit stuck when it comes to kicking off your team meetings?

Today on Studio Expansion TV, I’m going to share with you the best activity to open your next team retreat or meeting. It’s a winner.

As a studio owner, that time you have with all of your team together in one spot is so precious because it’s rare. It’s so hard to get everyone together.

And often when we’re running a meeting, we’re just trying to get the details across. We’re planning the concert. We’re planning costumes. We’re planning music. We’re planning the recital order. SO MANY DETAILS!

The thing to remember as a studio owner is when we’ve got everyone together, yes, we have to cover the gorgeous school details, but more importantly, I want you to really focus on, “How can I bring that sparkle to my team members’ eyes? How can I get them focused on delivering the most exceptional and exquisite student experience?”

That’s why this activity is what I want to recommend that you open with at your next team meeting. Here’s how you do it. This activity is called Wins and Wisdom. It works on the principle that we lead our team meetings with inspiration first, logistics second.

Lead with bringing the sparkle to your team members’ eyes and THEN follow with the details.

So to do the Wins and Wisdom activity, you’ll want to grab two big giant pieces of Post-it notes. You can buy them an office supply store. These are the huge, oversized Post-it sheets. Put them up on the wall and on one of them write, “Wins.”

Then ask your team, “Okay, so let’s talk about like what’s working really well in the studio. What are we loving? What are the kids really responding to? What are we proud of? What are we really succeeding in? What do we want to do more of? What do you think our students would love to do more of?”

What happens next will be pure magic.

As you keep asking more and more open-ended questions, you’ll start to see what’s working really well in your studio and what’s resonating with your students.

You’ll start to see your team members shift from what’s normally quite a passive meeting experience where they just sit there and nod their heads to being engaged and interactive, “Yes. Yes, I’ll get my music in by the 15th. Don’t you worry about that.”

You’ll start to see them go, “You know what? We did this thing the other week and it was just unbelievable. And then I had one student come up to me and say, ‘Hey, what if we did this? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?’”  

You’ll start to see the shift in your team members as they take more ownership in creating this exceptional experience, and that is everything. That is golden.

Open the meeting with reinforcing what’s working really well, and you’ll find that the momentum of the meeting goes like a dream.

Once you’ve recapped everything that’s working really well – the Wins in the studio, the second part of this exercise is called Wisdom. So you’re going to write on the Post-it note with a big Sharpie, “Wisdom.” Here’s where we say, “OK, what aren’t we loving? What feels tricky?  What aren’t the kids responding to? What do you think we could do to enhance the experience for the students? What do you feel is annoying you or what are you getting some negative feedback from parents or from other teachers? What are you guys not enjoying yourselves?”

This is such a valuable opportunity to really dig in and discover the opportunities of where we can improve. And you’ll find as well that as you start talking and sharing, your team members and your teachers are going to bring up some really powerful suggestions.

And that’s going to help them feel heard and valued and more appreciated. I guarantee, by leading with this activity at your next team retreat or team meeting, you’ll start to see your team members start thinking about how they show up in their classes, how they show up when they greet their students.

Your team will be focused on the experience.  And that is everything you can hope for as a studio owner.

The most important thing I want you to really take away from this is to always lead with inspiration first and then follow into logistics.

Every time you have your team together is that chance for you to really instill in them the opportunity we have to create this beautiful experience, to create magic in our studio. If we go in flat with just details first, all that kind of beautiful magic just disappears. So, always lead with something inspiring, something to get them thinking, contributing, and taking action. And that, you’ll find, is the best way to kick off your next team meeting.

I’m very curious, what do you tend to do for your team meetings?

Do you like to take your team away and go hire beautiful lake house to do your retreats? Do you like to go get pedicures together? What have you found is most powerful for building your dream team? I would love for you to share that with me in the comment section below.

So pop your comments in the section below and check out our Studio Evolution program.

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