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You know when you’re so busy being busy, that you’re not actually being productive busy?

I call it the busy-ness plague (or the headless chook syndrome) and it’s a real curse of running a studio these days.  We’re doing so much (sometimes too much), but we’re not necessarily doing the strategic things which are going to drive the studio forward.




To help you kick the plague, let’s pretend for a second that we are going to bring in an external person to run your studio. Now, what are we going to pay that person to do?

Essentially, we’re hiring them to grow the studio. So, we would be looking to that employee to attract more students, to grow the awareness in the community with studio marketing, boost retention and to really systemize the business.

Here’s the thing: that is what YOU are paid to do in the studio.

But sometimes, in the manicness of running a studio, our focus gets filled up with teaching and managing the day-to-day things…


How much time do you spend growing the BUSINESS and how much time do you spend on BUSY-NESS?  


In this episode of Studio Expansion TV, you’ll learn how to stop being a headless chook and start working strategically to grow the studio.

The first step is to find out how we can help you move from busy-ness and into strategic business growth.


Now, here’s a two part challenge for you:


  1. Get a piece of paper and write down EVERYTHING you do in the studio.  Then, with two coloured highlighters, create your A list of strategic, studio growing tasks and your B list of maintenance tasks.
  2. Next, share in the comments below the 3 tasks from your B List that you’re going to delegate, outsource or automate to free up your time to let you focus on growing the studio.

Thank you so much for sharing your top 3 in the comments – as your perspective and insights might just be the thing that inspires another studio director to get out of the busy-ness cycle.


Let’s get going: please share your ideas of how you’ll stop the busy-ness in the comments below.


By the way, if you know another studio director who is swamped with their workload, please pass this video along to them.

Sometimes all we need is a little help getting clarity on what to focus on, and this might be just the support they need to get on top of things.

Thank you so much for all the passion you put into your studio and I truly hope this helps to make life a little easier for you.

See you next time!

Chantelle x

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