Common Term 2 Advertising Mistakes…

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Have you taken your foot off the accelerator when it comes to keeping up marketing your studio in Term 2?

It’s easy to think, ‘Oh Well…. our big intake for the year is done, our student numbers are pretty well set for the year.’

BUT: The Fat Lady hasn’t sung yet my friends!

It is super important to maintain your studio’s presence in the market though out the year. Otherwise, with a slump in awareness, you can risk missing out on enrolling new students every week of the year.

In this video, I share a system to structure your marketing throughout the year AND what your ideal yearly awareness campaign looks like.

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Here’s the transcription…

Hello, it is Chantelle here from Studio Expansion bringing passion, profits, purpose to your studio. Now we are about to go in to term two here in Australia and I have been noticing a lot of studios are cutting down their advertising. Now I am observing this kind of trend. This is what most studios advertising plan looks like. It looks like this. So if this is like the week of the year, they start off really strong and then it goes [explodes] and then nothing till the end of the year. Not happy. Now in an ideal world, you know, like students are looking for lessons all through the year and we are not there constantly letting them know that we are here; we are missing a big opportunity to grow our studios.

So here is ideally what your studio marketing, you know, awareness would look like. So you would start with a big bubble in term one. So you are going to hit it really hard here. And then in term two, you are going to hit it again and term three and term four, you are going to start ramping up your exposure again because you want to plant the seed getting them ready and thinking about lessons they are going to come to next year.

So with the intention of keeping our studio awareness throughout the year, let’s move in to the four different types of studio advertising. So there are four different categories. We have got direct advertising, and indirect, paid, and unpaid and the four stars fit within these categories. So, the first one is paid advertising. Examples of this are things like newsletters or newspapers, maybe online directories. Now the best type of paid advertising is the ones that go directly to the target market, things like school newsletter is an example of a paid ad that is going to a direct target market as opposed to a newsletter, a newspaper that is going out to lots of people. A direct and unpaid strategy is word of mouth. Now word of mouth is such a fantastic resource for you to tap in to your studio.

It also has the highest conversion rate of any of these four advertising strategies because when someone personally recommends them people are more inclined to trust someone who’s, you know, said this studio is fantastic, you will love them. So it is a great strategy to tap in to. A paid indirect strategy is going for more awareness. This is talking about things like signage around your studio talking about, you know, community sponsorship of maybe sporting teams or charities, printing out posters or flyers to go around.

You are paying for awareness but it is less targeted in its approach, and the final one that is unpaid in its strategy and indirect publicity, which is a really great strategy for you to employ. In fact this is probably the best one I would say because it doesn’t cost you anything but in terms of increasing your exposure, it goes huge. It goes massive. So in terms of generating publicity this is about getting editorial articles about your studios in to the newsletters, things like that.

Now the best studio marketing strategy is going to have a blend of these different elements – both paid, unpaid, and indirect, but I thought it might be useful for you if we put a bit of structure around this, a way that you are not going to get stressed and you are trying to do everything all at once. So give yourself a focus. Let’s say in term one of the year you are going to focus on advertising. In term two you focus on building a referral program in to your studio, building word of mouth recommendations from your students. In term three you work on publicity so you submit a few media releases to the local newspapers. And in term four you are working on ramping up your awareness bringing more word about your studio to hopefully increase that in term four. And this way, it means you kind of got a focus for each of the terms. You know what you are going to do. You are not going to get overwhelmed when it comes to advertising your studio.

Now if you are looking for some more specific ways to attract more students with your advertising the student attraction system has over two hundred strategies, templates, and done for you marketing materials to supercharge your advertising. Now this walks you through exactly how to set up your marketing to run on autopilot so you never have to scramble for students again. Instead you will have a constant stream of dream students knocking on your door all year round and you can access this instantly by downloading it right now on to your computer, tablet, or mobile so you can get started with growing your studio today. You can check out all the information at\attract. Until next week have a great time. Bye.

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