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As a studio owner, how many times have you felt isolated and alone when making decisions within your studio?

How many times have you just wished you could ask a fellow studio owner for their opinion?


Surround yourself only with those who lift you higher – Helen Keller


As a previous studio owner myself, I know how important it is to have a support system around you of people who understand what you’re going through, the industry you’re in and the day to day minutia of studio owner life.

But it’s not as though you can just rock up to the studio down the street for a cup of tea and a bit of studio owner chat.

The Studio Expansion Planner Hub is going to be your sanctuary! It’s you’re safe place to find  inspiration and  support from a community of likeminded studio owners across the globe.


studio owner planner hub community support



Being connected to a community who will support and help guide you in times of crisis and joy is absolutely priceless. That’s why it is a free community open to all studio owners no matter where you are or what stage your business is at.


The community is such a positive environment where the studio owners are extraordinary in their generosity and  heart.


From celebrating your big wins to reaching out in times of need, you will always find a warm welcome within the Planner Hub.


Last week I hosted a 2016 Closing Ceremony and Goal Setting Workshop live in the Planner Hub. (It’s not to late to head on over and watch it yourself!) Within the Hub you can expect regular challenges, live workshops and the famous Studio Expansion Planathon!




Have you ever found yourself looking for inspiration for your studio marketing or wanting some feedback on a piece of marketing material before putting it out in the world? The Planner Hub is just the place for this:


Studio Owner Planner Hub Community


And if you’re looking for accountability, look no further! If you have set yourselves some serious goals for 2017 in your studio, make sure you stay on track and encourage others to do so too. Just like the lovely Jeanneane did…



studio owner accountability community


Jeanneane set a goal for new student enrollments and watched as it flourished and then some!


In our industry it isn’t often that you come across a community of such supportive individuals who are all there to spread joy, positivity and encouragement. It truly is refreshing to belong in a community where positivity reigns over negativity and all members are empowering and uplifting one another.


I can’t sing the praises of this incredible community enough. You’ll just have to come on over the the Planner Hub and join us yourself!

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