Do you have SOSOS? (Studio Owner Shiny Object Syndrome)

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Do you have SOSOS?

(SOSOS = Studio Owner Shiny Object Syndrome)

This devastating syndrome is impacting the lives of thousands of studio owners across the globe.

Does this diagnosis sound familiar?

– You get INCREDIBLY excited and have dozens of ideas you want to roll out in your studio…but often they don’t get past the first step…

– You could go to the olympics for List Writing – you LOVE surrounding yourself with notebooks full of lists of ideas (it’s just getting them done that’s the tricky bit!)

– You’re EXHAUSTED from the constant demands of running your studio. You feel like you’ll never get a chance to catch your breath and actually work on growing the business, because you’re too busy trapped in the hamster wheel keeping everything going…

If you get distracted easily from the IMPORTANT things when running your studio, READ ON….

As a studio owner, the most important gift you can give your business is CLARITY.

CLARITY on WHO you are (and why you’re unique from the studio down the road) and WHO you want to attract (so that you can craft beautiful marketing materials that speak right to the heart of your dream student)

CLARITY on WHAT you are focused on achieving and refining in your business. I’m talking detailed 6 week action plans and quarterly goals to keep you on track and accountable.

CLARITY on WHEN you want to accomplish your goals for your studio. If your studio has been in a Flatline (or worse, a Decline) – how soon do you want to make some magic happen and start to witness the Climb in your studio numbers?

CLARITY on WHY you’re doing what you are doing – and not feeling like a headless chicken, running around like a crazy lady putting out fires left, right and centre, without a clear plan for where you’re taking your studio.

As studio owners, we are so PASSIONATE about the experience we give our students.

That is what makes our eyes LIGHT UP with excitement and we could talk for days about ways to serve our students better.

Planning our marketing, scheduling social media posts, writing emails….

Less so…..

And this is because, like me, you probably became a studio owner because you were a pretty great teacher and you saw an opportunity to create a career out of your passion and connect with more students.

Our gift lies in connecting with students. Mapping out marketing strategy and attraction plans is a whole other kettle of fish.

I want to show you how to SHIFT into the next level of your career as a studio owner.

To help you become more SAVVY when it comes to reaching your goals to grow your studio.

To help you learn to LOVE studio marketing (really – it can be done once you know the secrets that make it effortless)

To help you become a better LEADER of your studio, with strength, vision and motivation to turn your studio into the most desired studio in your area.

Here’s why this is so important.

Let’s say – If you know you want to attract 20 more students into your studio in the next month, it’s going to take a very specific marketing plan to make that happen.

The magic lies in the details to help you reach as many students as possible.

That’s why I’m hosting a STUDIO PLANATHON this week


You’re probably wondering, what on EARTH is a Studio Planathon?

It’s a chance for you to be inspired and motivated to take your studio marketing and planning to a whole new level.

If you feel like your studio is going in lots of different directions, the #studioplanathon will give you the chance to take your studio quickly and easily from where you are now to where you want to be.

Joining us for five days of fabulous studio planning is easy (and it’s free)

Simply register here:


Each day for five days, you’ll receive one powerful studio planning tool, to help you feel more motivated, more confident and more driven to bring the SPARKLE back to your studio (and the students through the door)

We will banish any symptoms of SOSOS and give you a beautiful, empowering vision of how to grow your studio within the next 90 days.

Register now to be sure to grab your spot for the Studio Planathon


I cannot wait to watch the changes in your studio as we give you the roadmap to grow your studio.


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