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You have an amazing studio – so why is it so hard to get the word out there?  As soon as students arrive into your studio, they absolutely LOVE IT –  all you need is to get more students through the door in the first place!

Here are three examples of bad studio marketing….

1 Being everything to everyone

Have you seen studio marketing where they try and cram sooooo much into a teensy little ad that your eyes get all squinty trying to read it?  Where they share every program they offer and every possible contact detail?   


I want you to step back and look at your studio marketing – really look at it.  Are you trying to attract preschoolers AND teens AND adults? Would you say that your marketing is to promote your whole studio in an ad the size of a business card?  It’s very common, but really isn’t going to help you grow your studio.


It’s the difference between ‘blanket’ whole studio marketing and ‘niche’ program marketing.    All my results with studio owners have proven that more targeted marketing to particular age groups is going to give you much more bang for your buck.


It might be something new for your studio to try, but believe me, it is vastly more cost-effective and powerful.  Here’s why: you will be speaking right to the heart of the exact person who is looking for that class.  A preschooler parent has COMPLETELY different desires, requirements and intentions for their 3 year old than a 15 year old who wants to make a career out of performing.  Finding the connection point in your marketing is the first step to attracting more students with more ease.  Promote your programs, not your studio.


2 Being a horse, not a unicorn

Imagine you are a prospective student shopping around for a studio.  You’re researching all the different studios in town, checking out which one appeals the most.  Problem is, they ALL SOUND THE SAME!!!!


Studio marketing has become completely cookie cutter – with so many ‘fun, friendly classes’ it really is hard to pick a winner.  When this sort of marketing happens across your community, potential students are forced to make their decision of which studio to choose based on price.  Not a good position to be in.  If you want more people coming to your studio, we need to be BOLD, not BEIGE.  


It is time to elevate your studio’s marketing so that you stand out from the pack like a shining, glittery pink unicorn amongst a field of brown blah horses.  


From the very first impression – your studio has to be positioned as the ONLY CHOICE.  No more copycat marketing.  When everyone offers ‘fun, educational classes that boost confidence and develop social skills’ – it is time to zig, not zag.


If you’re stuck on how to stand out from the pack and differentiate your studio from the masses, be sure to register for the ‘How to Enrol 30 Students in 30 Days’ Masterclass below.  I’ll go much more in depth and give you some great examples.  


3 All front end, no backend



This is a biggie.  In fact, in my humble opinion, this is the biggest piece of the puzzle missing from most studio owners marketing strategy,


It’s what you do with an inquiry AFTER they inquire.  You’ve done the heavy lifting getting them to contact you – now, we want to nurture that inquiry like a newborn baby, showing it all the love and care and devotion it deserves.  You will be rewarded, I promise you.  


However, when I meet with studio owners and see their offices, they are crammed with post it notes and student phone numbers scribbled on pieces of paper.  It’s not wonder inquiries fall through the cracks.  OR other times, you’ll reach out once, leave a voicemail and never hear back from them again.  All that time spent on the front end to get the inquiry goes to waste…


That’s why you need an automated inquiry nurture system for your studio.  I swear: THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


Let me paint the picture for you of an automated studio marketing plan:


Student makes an inquiry

Student is placed on an automated sequence that educates them on your programs and nurtures them along the enrollment process

Student enrols online

Studio owner dances a happy dance while popping bottle of champagne.  

If you’re thinking “I need some of that Champagne in my life”- you need to make sure you sign up for the FREE Masterclass “How to Enrol 30 Students in 30 Days”

Here’s the plan.


You + Me + My Best Strategies


You will learn the EXACT plan to attract 30 more students in the next 30 days.  


All the best sparkly studio marketing tricks.  

All the best nurture strategies to guide students towards enrollment.  

All the best ways of automating your marketing to ensure students don’t slip through the cracks.  


No fluff.  No filler.  All gold.  


With case studies of studios who have gone from 47 to 200+ in 12 months, others who have gone from 250 to 500 in 12 months – if you want to grow your studio, this is an essential must watch!  


Here’s what you’ll learn:



  • Boost Your Marketing Mojo: You’ll discover the step-by-step studio marketing blueprint to make your studio irresistible to your dream students with the proven Three E’s of Studio Marketing©
  • Enrol More Students! Find out how to position your studio as the ONLY choice in town and our  follow up system to put in place to ensure you never lose track of a new enquiry again.
  • Get Ready to THRIVE! Roll out the step-by-step guide to creating a pipeline of new students flowing constantly to your studio by setting up your marketing to run on autopilot (HALLELUJAH!!!)



After you register, you will be sent a printable worksheet for you to use during the training.  


This will form your plan and keep you on track over the next 30 days.  


If you are ready to go ALL IN and truly make this year your studio’s BEST EVER, this training will give you all the motivation and marketing savvy to do so!


For some of you, 30 more enrollments in 30 days might sound like a dream.  Other might be wanting to set their sights a little higher and really hit this out of the ballpark.  


If you are looking to bring a little extra oomph to your studio – this training will give you the golden ticket right into your hand!

Don’t miss out- sign up today!


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