Ever Had a Marketing Flop? The 4 Questions to Ask

It’s incredibly frustrating…

You spend ages going over your ad for publication, spend a lot of money on the advertising and then at the end of the day the phone doesn’t ring.

But why?

Now – Let’s get out a sample of your advertising and together have a look and see if we can work out where the problem lies.  In this video, I’ll ask you four questions to see if we can discover why your advertising isn’t turning potential students into paying students.


If we can work out what’s missing from your ad, we can fix it so you can start attracting more students.

Because often what happens is that studio owners keep putting in the same ad and experiencing the same lack-lustre results, not from lack of desire, but simply from lack of knowledge on what to change in the ad.


– What type of headline should you choose?

– Are there guidelines for the types of images that work best?

– How much detail should I go into about what we do?

– Why would you need a call to action?


If you’d like to be guided step-by-step through how to design your advertising to attract new students and know exactly how to create an ad that jumps off the page – the Student Attraction System does all that and more.


Check out the Student Attraction System


It’s the most comprehensive guide to marketing your studio and will not only help you find the missing link in your studio’s advertising, but help you to describe your studio in a way that makes it clear that you are the premiere studio in your area.

Often that’s the problem.  Studio directors don’t know HOW to describe what they do other than the generic descriptors like ‘fun, educational classes!’  In order to get ahead, we need to differentiate ourselves from the pack.  And the Student Attraction System will help you do that.


Watch this video to learn the 4 questions you must ask yourself before sending out an ad into the big wide world…

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