Kathy Morrison, Kathy’s Music – Pittsburgh PA, USA

Now consistently has over 1,000 students enrolled, up 5% on last year whilst reducing her work week by 8 hours.

Meet Kathy Morrison. Kathy is a studio owner who is very dear to my heart. She is a lady who is not only one of the brightest educators I know, but has a heart and passion like no other.


Since joining Studio Evolution Kathy is proud to say she now consistently has over 1,000 students enrolled, is up 5% on last year and all whilst reducing her work week by 8 hours.


I know what you are thinking… I’LL HAVE WHAT SHE’S HAVING!


Kathy attributes her transformation down to the educational experience in the Studio Evolution Program and the support she receives whilst also being stretched.


This is what Kathy had to say in her 2nd year of being in Studio Evolution…


“This Studio Evolution group is so special and feels safe. Our group is a hopeful place to be during these growing pains as we strive to become the best studio directors/owners that we can be on so many levels. It’s a painful, yet incredibly rewarding process both as a studio owner and also personally rewarding.

I appreciate these gentle “shoves” to try something new and to just get out and do things. I need the challenge and Studio Evolution forces me to just get things done. Completion is first!” 


It is so humbling to hear a studio owner of Kathy’s calibre who is continually stretched every time we dive into a new Pillar of the Studio Evolution Cirriculum.


Hear what Kathy has to say about her experience in the program.

Do you want to go deep and exceed your goals like Kathy?


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