Phi Nelson, Vocalise Academy of Music – Western Sydney Australia

Her studio has grown 40% in the last 12 months and is opening her third location.

Phi Nelson was one of my very first clients who had ever taken part in my Studio Expansion Program. I always knew she had a heart of gold but what really blows my mind is how much she cherishes the Studio Evolution Community and how it feeds her soul.


Phi stood infront of me at her second Masterclass and said she was ready to join Studio Evolution. After a teary conversation she told me she was sick of being broke every summer and was on the verge of shutting up shop.


It was at this time Phi only recently found out her husband was ill and like most studio owner Partner’s, was helping her support the business. So something had to change… QUICK SMART!


Phi is what I like to call the ‘dark horse’ of her Studio Evolution intake. When she started Studio Evolution she was working away, interacting with the community to offer support but would not attract to much attention to herself. She soon became a ‘Systems Queen’ and before our eyes systemised her admin, online payment processing, onboarding process, cirriculum and even how she mentored her team.


Within 12 months Phi had become the fearless leader, we always wished for her to be and a Studio Evolution member which now many go to for advice.


Within this 12 month period, Phi also had:


  • Grown her studio numbers by over 40%
  • Increased her retention from 50% to 90%
  • Implemented and crossed over to online payment processing
  • Has taken her team on retreats and has implemented a whole new structure for consistent and engaging team training
  • Now only works one day IN the studio so she has more time to spend with her husband and work ON her business.


As Phi heads into her second year of Studio Evolution she has now flicked the switch to focus on growth as she now has the systems to support the leverage. She is about to open her third location in Sydney which is a BIG difference compared to shutting down almost 18 months ago.


What I love most about Phi, is she loves being surrounded by Studio Owners who are just like her with the same dreams. She was a Studio Owner who was once scared of numbers but now finds them simple and is now paying herself a profit.

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