Rebecca Taylor, Bec Taylor School of Music – Canberra Australia

Within 6 months of joining increased her revenue by 25% and increased profitability from 1% to 13%.

What I love about this story is the transformation Rebecca (Bec) Taylor made from working on her passion, to running a business.


Bec walked into her first Studio Evolution Retreat and was hungry straight from the get go. She wanted to learn and was eager to implement and change.


1 year later, come to our June Southern Hemisphere Retreat we dived into everything Positive Prosperity. This is where we dove deep into the financials of our studio businesses. After our last session on day 3, Bec came up to my team and said


Since I joined Evolution one year ago, with the help of your amazing team and community of studio leaders, I have changed my studio business model. Within 6 months of changing the model, we have increased our revenue by 25%, and increased our profitability from 1% to 13%.”


Now this is something not to be sneezed at!


After Bec shared this I grabbed her aside and asked her how she has been impacted by Studio Evolution and the Positive Prosperity Cirriculum.


You can see that Bec has an analytical mind and numbers gets her excited. She is already starting on forecasting her studio for the next 2 years to ensure her profits are up and provide her the freedom and dream studio she has always wanted.


Bec now takes her studio seriously and knows that she has longevitiy in the performing arts industry.

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