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What is Studio Evolution? I’m so glad you asked! It’s the key to your freedom and success. It’s our 2 year program designed to help studio owners redesign their studio business for maximum profit, freedom and joy.

6 subjects run over the course of 2 years

Each subject is designed to rework and automate one area of your business at a time so it runs on autopilot.


Let’s build you a magnetic marketing machine.This means dynamic classes that have a consistent (and long!) waiting list. A studio of loyal and engaged students who enthusiastically recommend your studio to everyone they meet (word of mouth is the best marketing). Learn first how to attract your dream students and then nurture them into loyal devotees once they are part of your studio. 


Learn to love your numbers. That’s right, we’re getting financial. By the end of this subject you will be confident in all financial areas of your business and you’ll be able to spreadsheet like a pro. Even if you really hate numbers, this trimester will turn that hate into a sparkling passion. Just you wait and see.


Your studio should be a well-oiled machine that runs on autopilot – let’s systemise your business into a seamless sanctuary. Processes, auto-responders, autonomous forms and apps are your new best friends. If you want freedom from admin, this trimester is your pot of gold.


Retention is the key to studio success and retention starts the moment they enrol. Here, we teach you our unique “sticky” approach that will have your students signing up for life. We show you how to nurture and nourish your students into becoming loyalists to your studio. 


Could it be magic? Let’s inject a sense of wonder, play and lightness into your studio offer. You want that undefinable *something* that has newcomers choosing your studio again and again. Let us help you craft the ultimate studio experience for your students. Unlock your magic reputation because money can’t buy that kind of loyalty. 


Teamwork makes the dream work. You need a great team around you and the dream team must be created. By you. We teach you how to be an impactful leader, by evolving your team from within your own studio. Why not be the studio where all the students want to learn AND all the teachers want to teach? 


How do I join?
Book a Mini Studio Review with Grace


You'll be chatting to Grace

Meet Grace – she’s our community coach super star who you’ll talk to for your Mini Studio Review. If you have any questions, want to know more about the program or just want to find out if you’re a good fit, book a call. Grace is amazing. You’ll love her!


We create transformational dance studio owners

I Made An Additional $150K

“Within 6 months of being in Studio Evolution, I stepped into being the CEO of my business. I completely re-did my entire studio model, creating my dream studio. I am projected to now make at least an additional $150K this year!”

– Bethany Smith, The Legacy Theatre


I now have a life outside of my business

“Studio Evolution is my tribe, my safe space, my place to go for new ideas and innovation, and where people will speak the truth in a spirit of encouragement not judgement. I now consistently have over 1000 students enrolled, up 5% on last year whilst reducing my work week by 8 hours. I now have a life outside of my business”.

– Kathy Morrison, Kathy’s Music

It’s time to take control of your studio business.

Let’s rewrite the story of studio ownership. You can have freedom, profitability and joy as a studio owner. Let me show you how.

Welcome to Studio Evolution. This is the program that gives studio owners everything they need. Freedom, profits and flexibility. 

It’s like you got into the studio business because you love it. Studio life is wonderful – the students, the community, showing up to a job every single day that you absolutely adore. 

Let me help you make your studio run seamlessly, automatically and with consistent profits. So your dream studio can support your dream life. 

Chantelle Bruinsma, CEO + Founder of Studio Expansion


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