How running a studio has changed in the last 10 years…

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As a studio director, one of the biggest hurdles is dealing with the SHEER VOLUME  of things that you have to do in your studio.


Five, seven years ago, running a studio was completely different kettle of fish.


Whilst the level of admin hasn’t changed significantly, how we market our studio’s has.


Now, we practically have to be online marketers confident in SEO, automated email marketing, collaborating with Mummy Bloggers & Facebook ad strategists!!  


The more we are able to get out of our comfort zone, the more opportunities we will have to market and grow the studio.


I guess that’s kind of my core point here, is that our studios will grow at the same extent that we grow.


The more we learn about online studio marketing, the more tools we’ll have to apply to your studio so we can take your studio to the next level.


And that’s what it’s all about.


Yes there are going to be times when your eyes will boggle at the computer and you’ll be tempted to pour yourself a glass of wine.  But you’ll get there.  And it will make the world of difference to your studio, I promise.


So, tell me. What is the one thing that you could do that would take you out of your comfort zone, but would totally make a huge transformation in your studio?


Write your answer in the comment box below because it’s really valuable to just even give yourself one little focused task.


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