How to Babyproof Your Studio Business

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Today on Studio Expansion TV, we’re diving into a very wonderful topic –  how to baby proof your studio.

It’s a bit of an exciting time right now. We are having a baby!  Because of that, my focus has been shifting to baby proofing my business.

It’s something I’ve given a lot of thought to, and I have put so much in place already so that I can transition into becoming a mommy in the easiest and most joyous way possible.

And so I’m going to be sharing with you some of the things that I’ve learned and what I’m currently doing to baby proof my business. But this isn’t just about baby-proofing.

What you’re going to learn is also relevant if you just want to take a leave or an extended holiday in your studio. Really, we’re talking about how to set up the studio to run without you. This training is going to be incredibly helpful for whenever you need to be away or if you’re like me, you are planning on taking a “sa-baby-tical.”

So there are three essential categories that we have to consider when we’re talking about baby-proofing your business.


Essential #1: Team

Number one – team – is essential. If you want to be able to sleep well at night (or at least sleep as much as a newborn will allow you to sleep!), you need to have a team you can rely on.  Your team is going to be the ones who keep the machine going in your absence.

That’s why I’ve spent a lot of time really thinking about who this dream team is going to be and what roles I’m going to need them to perform. Whether you’re “baby-proofing” or not, it’s a great idea for you to map out an organizational chart, how you’re going to be able to run the administrative AND the artistic side of your studio, especially  if you’re not able to be there very much.

Think about who could take on more of your responsibilities.  For example, if we were to write down everything you do in a day, how can we start delegating those tasks to your team members so that you don’t have to think about it?

We also want to start looking closely at your own teaching load in particular. For me, I’ve cut down on my one-on-one clients and instead have focused on growing Studio Evolution as our key program so that I don’t have to have that pressure of having to show up and teach face to face on a daily basis.

For you in your studio, that’s going to be an essential part of your transition into mommyhood – being able to focus more on leading and managing the studio as opposed to teaching so many hours a week.


Essential #2: Batching

The second essential tip is huge. It is batching. At the time of taping this episode, I’m early on in the second trimester, and I’m creating marketing content that will literally last me through until when the baby is six months old.

I don’t want to think about marketing. I want it all scheduled in advanced. I want it all pre-populated, all done and dusted so I don’t have to worry or feel guilty that I’m not doing things in the business.

I have to be batching. One of the best tools that we use for marketing batching is a fantastic program called Meet Edgar. In Meet Edgar, you can literally have 12 months of your marketing all scheduled out in advance.

Meet Edgar rolls on autopilot and even recycles your content. It gets fantastic reach, and it will ensure the continuity of your marketing even when you are in the haze of babyland.

Right now, I’m filming this episode when I’m about 14 weeks pregnant. But won’t probably see this video until I’m probably near my due date or have already welcomed baby B to our family!

This is the whole point of batching content. You can get it done and then just drip feed it. This really comes back to the point about being very clear on how you want this experience to be for yourself.

In those early months or when you are on your sabbatical, you don’t want to have to be thinking about these things. You want the time to be spent connecting.

And if you are working in the business a bit, that time is best spent connecting and mentoring with your team or working with your high level students.

I want you to be clear on where your time is best spent and for you to free yourself from the kind of lower-level tasks that you can get all batched and organized so that you can really be in a position to be comfortable.


Essential #3: Automation

The third essential tip is automation. Your systems are your very best friend right now. As you anticipate the 9 months of pregnancy or you are planning for that leave of absence, you’re thinking, “Okay.  I’ve got this time. now to think about what is manual, what requires me to do things?”  You’re thinking about things such as handling an inquiry right through to enrolling.

My goal for you in your studio is to be able for you to go on maternity leave or on a sabbatical and still be able to grow your studio. This will happen when you’ve got beautiful systems in place that are automated.

So things like, “Can a student enroll via your website right now? Is that possible or do you need a human touch? If not, and if you’re still the main person handling registrations and responding emails, it’s going to be nearly impossible for you to be away from the business.  It’s going to be especially hard when you have a newborn baby.

That’s why you want to be thinking about how to automate more of your email management to be able to give you headspace, to free you from feeling like you’ve got to be on your phone replying to emails while you’re in labor!  

Anything that we can automate using autoresponders, automated email welcome sequences – anything like that is going to be great for your business now and for the long term. Let’s get this stuff sorted out now and give your business the foundations to run with autonomy.


So if you want to go on a sabbatical or even a “sa-baby-tical,” the three essential things to consider are team, batching, and automation.

If you can get those three nailed down, your business will continue to perform brilliantly and you will have the headspace – and heartspace! – to be able to enjoy this precious, precious time.

I’m really excited because I know I’ve made some very profound shifts in what I’m doing in my business to enable it to run seamlessly even if I’m taking a couple of months off. That is an enormous gift that we can give ourselves. And that’s what we like to help our studio owners do in Studio Evolution.

Right now, if you’re running a studio where everything relies on you to get done, that’s not a sustainable business. That doesn’t give you the freedom of lifestyle which you probably imagine you’d have when you started this studio.

So what we do in Studio Evolution is give you those systems frameworks that are going to help the studio run completely on autopilot. What that does is it gives you two things – it gives you time and it gives you back your joy.

Because right now, your studio is your life.  This is not just about your business. This is the whole context of your life, and we want to make sure that this business is running on your terms.

In Studio Evolution, we work with you to set up the automation, to show you how to batch all of your marketing so it’s scheduled 12 months in advance, and how to hire and mentor your dream team so that they truly can perform with you there or not. It’s giving you the space to be able to truly lead. That is an extremely exciting opportunity.

Even if you’re not having a baby, this program will help you create so much more time and structure in your business. It’s going to build all those foundations that you’ve been wanting for so long. It will help you have everything running with that much more finesse.?


If you’re curious about Studio Evolution and how we work with you personally for 12 months to get these systems set up and in place in your business, head on over to to find out more about what this program entails.

There’s an application you can complete in which you can share with us more about what you’d be seeking to achieve in the program. From there, we can help you start putting these changes into place into your studio so that you too can be the entrepreneur who has a business that thrives without you when you need it too.

I can’t wait to keep you posted on our journey and introduce you to the little baby Bruinsma!

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Love Chantelle

CEO + Founder Studio Expansion Pty Limited


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