How to Create the Perfect “Welcome to Studio” Video

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I am thrilled to share with you the most amazing thing that you and your students are going to love. In this week’s episode of Studio Expansion TV, I’m going to share with you how to create the perfect “Welcome to Studio” video.

This is the most beautiful way to create connection with potential students even before they’ve walked in your door. This kind of video is the most incredible way to build familiarity, to reassure them, and to make people feel comfortable and excited about coming to the studio before they’ve even got there.

You and I know that there’s that little gap between when someone inquires and then when they actually come to their first class – a gap that’s always a little bit precarious. Sometimes you even have people book in and then never show up.

The “Welcome to Studio” video is a powerful brilliant way of helping them to feel at home in the studio and get excited so they’re more likely to come to their first class. Truly, this is a winner. It’s a must-do for your studio.

Record a video tour of coming to your studio so people can see what it’s about.  

And here’s how you do it. We start outside the studio and we go, “Hi, it’s Chantelle here. And welcome to Chantelle’s studio. So let me give you a little bit of a tour walking around. Right here, we’re in the parking lot and here you can see, this is where you’re going to park. It’s super easy. There are usually lots of spots available. And then we’re just going to walk over here and into the studio.”

We walk and we open the front door and we say, “Welcome in. Here is our beautiful front desk. Wave to Katie. Hi, Katie! How are you doing? And here, you’ll be able to see, this is where you’re going to put your bags and we’re going to help you down the bathrooms, down the corridor, down here. But let me take you at the back and show you a few more of our team members and show you the classrooms…..”

As you’re touring the classrooms, what you want are a few strategically placed, happy kids. They are ready to pose and wave and smile. Have some teachers around to say “Hi” to the camera.  Have some full classes going to show the energy at your studio and a peek into everything that’s normally happening.

When you cut this video together, it just really gives that sense of, “OK, I know what I’m expecting. I know what’s ahead of me.” It’s the most beautiful way for them to feel comfortable with you. They can see what you are like.

That trust factor is not to be underestimated.

You can literally whip this up this week. It doesn’t have to be too fancy pants. It doesn’t have to be so uber professional. Many of our Studio Evolution clients who have done this with amazing results have actually filmed their studio video on their iPhones.

You can either record with a selfie stick if you’re doing it yourself, or you can get a friend to help film it for you as they walk around following you while you go on the tour through the studio.

Now, if the audio is a little bit muffled, sometimes you can just leave it to an audio engineer on Fiverr. It costs you $5, and you can get this track kind of optimized. But usually, the sound on the recording is good enough.

You can also add music, a kind of faint music overlay to the track as well to give a little bit of boost too. It’s really  so simple to put this together.

The essence is just to get them see a sneak peek behind the scenes of what your studio is like.

The lovely thing is that at the end of this video you just do a really genuine kind of sign-up. You say, “We are so looking forward to welcoming you and starting to learn with you here at Chantelle’s Studio. We can’t wait for you to come on board. So if you have any questions before your first class, reach out to us at our number.”

So simple, so easy but people are going to feel at home straight away.

And once we have this video, we put it everywhere. I want this on your website. You can put it on social media.

Another thing that we do with our Studio Evolution clients is we actually have a pre-written sequence of automated emails that is like a “Welcome to Studio” sequence. It helps to educate and engage with students as they come in before their first class.

So we also include this video into our automated email sequence. A prospective student (or parent) gets an email saying, “Here’s your behind the scenes tour of Chantelle’s Studio” before they come to their first class. Genius! It works so well. I can’t even tell you.

Use your studio tour video everywhere.

Put it on Facebook. Put it on Instagram. Let people see the beautiful quality of your studio and open the doors. Let people come on in. You’ll find that they’ll respond with incredible enthusiasm.

This studio tour video is such a powerful way for you to attract more students. And if you want a few more ideas on retaining your students I’ve put together all of my most powerful retention strategies into an amazing resource that you will love. Best of all, it is free.

In the meantime, I want to know. What is your welcome to studio process like? How do you get people familiar and comfortable and excited about coming to your studio even before they’ve set through the door? Do you have any little secret tips or hints that have worked really well for you? Please share them with us in the comments below. The more we share the more we all succeed.

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