How to Design A Marketing Calendar For Your Studio

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It’s your LUCKY DAY!


In today’s episode of StudioExpansionTV, you’ll learn how to design a marketing calendar for your studio.


This comes in super handy if, let’s say, you’re running a summer workshop and you want to know how to coordinate your marketing to make sure you’re completely organized and on top of it, ready to get the maximum enrollments you can.


In a perfect world, we would have six to eight weeks of planning and marketing time before your workshop.


That’s to give people enough chance to hear about it and then take action as they need to.


What I find happening is that a lot of studios are getting by on two or three weeks of marketing time, and then they can be disappointed when they have lackluster attendance at their workshop.


So, the way to fix this is to get organized.


How I do this is I have a great big old calendar here, and this costs about $3.40. And you pick up some little post-it notes and you get yourself a marker, and you just map it all out.


What I like to do is we start backwards. We start by putting in the date of your workshop, and then we would work back from that date.


Here are my biggest tips to help you make your next workshop a complete success by using a marketing calendar:


The first one is to give yourself more time than you think. Give six to eight weeks to get together your marketing calendar and start building the awareness in your studio and community.


The second tip is to choose lots of different areas to promote the workshops, and you can even use different colors to be able to represent different ways you’re going to be marketing, whether it’s online or offline, internal or external.


And the third tip is to keep this handy. Keep talking about it and referring to it. Maybe you can have a big wall calendar, like one of those big white board style ones, so that everyone in your studio is aware of what’s going out when and what needs to be done so you can keep the momentum of your team geared towards promoting this workshop.


So, what do you think? Is this marketing calendar system something that you could use in your studio to promote your next workshop? Let me know in the comments below.


AND  Post a photo of your studio’s marketing calendar!  I’d love to see it in action!

Chantelle xx


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