How to Escape The Teaching Trap

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In this episode of StudioExpansionTV we are talking about how to escape the teaching trap.


One of the most challenging things about running a studio is that you get so busy teaching and teaching and planning lessons and looking after students and parents that we don’t get enough time to run the actual studio itself.


And it’s that age old dilemma of working IN the business as opposed to working ON the business.


If we’re thinking about how we can really scale up the business quickly and grow your studio, the more time that we can invest on working on the business, on the strategic side, that is where we’re really going to see results.


But how do you do it?


It’s often quite a very challenging catch 22.


You know you need the cash flow that comes from teaching and it’s a lot more affordable for you to teach the lessons yourself than to pay a teacher…


However, in the long-term, if we don’t make the change to drop down your teaching hours to free you up to start working on the business, we’re never going to get there.


So, it’s this real seesaw dilemma of how do we get out of the teaching trap to be able to allow you to really embrace your role as studio director?


In this video, you’ll learn how one studio owner built an extremely successful studio that runs without her in less than 3 years.  


Pretty remarkable!


But for me, the best thing about this case study is that her relationship with the studio is exactly what she’s always wanted. She goes in. She teaches the students she loves, and then she’s able to do what else she loves, like be with her family – whilst growing the business as well.


And that’s really a dream scenario for many, many studio directors.  Building studio systems in your studio is going to give you unbelievable freedom to focus upon the important things!


So, what would it mean to you if you were able to escape that teaching track and be able to run the studio on your own terms?


Write your answer to that question in the comment section below.


Chantelle xx

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