How to Grow Your Studio by 30% In Less Than 9 Months

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CASE STUDY: How to Grow your studio by 30% in 9 months without spending any money on marketing


There are lots of ways to grow a studio.  Some ways will flood your studio with lots of new students overnight, others will generate a consistent stream of 5-20 new inquires per week every week of the year.

Some studios choose to focus on Instagram.  Others choose to focus on community engagement.

Today, I’m sharing a case study about another way to grow your studio – and this studio owner is a very smart cookie.


What’s utterly fascinating about this case study is that the studio owner knew exactly what was required to create long term, sustainable growth in her studio and set out a game plan to achieve it.


It wasn’t by spending a whole bunch of money on marketing. It wasn’t that she tried Facebook ads for the first time. It wasn’t that she got a whole lot of publicity in her studio. In fact, she kept her marketing efforts exactly the same.

The only thing she did was work on her team!

What this studio owner realised about her studio was that most of her students were coming in through word of mouth.

She didn’t need to invest time and money on marketing. If she concentrated on word of mouth, everything would change.

Positive Word of Mouth comes down to delivering the most outstanding student experience.

But as a studio owner, we can’t do that all ourselves. We need the whole team to be delivering an addictive, inspiring, joyous experience consistently.

So Jenn thought, “All right. If I’m going to grow the studio by word of mouth, I need to make sure every single member of the team, from the teachers to the front desk welcome team, are absolutely 100 percent on the ball with passion and excitement, enthusiasm for meeting every student, and for making every lesson exceptional.”

She knew that an outstanding student experience is the best marketing you can create.  

She began by delegating her teaching load to give her one dedicated day per week to concentrate on mentoring her teachers.  With a combination of both 1:1 mentoring and team meetings / retreats

Every month, she gets all the teachers together and they have a meeting to creatively plan how they will continue to make their classes the HIGHLIGHT of each students week.

They actually use one of my programs called The Retention Solution to guide them and literally by focusing on retention, by focusing on word of mouth, they’ve grown by 30 percent, which is so remarkable. The best thing about this is it doesn’t cost a thing.

Teacher mentoring is the most under-valued part of your role as studio owner.

What is so beautiful about what this studio owner has done is that she realised that each of her teachers is motivated in different ways.

I’m not sure if you’ve read the book called The Five Love Languages (there’s also a version for the workplace) but she realised that some of her teachers really love receiving gifts.

Others really like words of affirmation. So the studio owner makes sure that every week she’s on the phone saying, “You were so great at this and I really noticed that you were wonderful in that context.”

Others really love to have a big hug and feel like they’re part of the family.

Once you discover how your teachers like to feel praised, how they’re motivated and inspired, we can bring that into the mentoring process.

The book The Five Love Languages is a great place to start.

You might think that to grow your studio, it all comes down to marketing, but sometimes it really is just about the experience you provide your students.

By concentrating on the fundamental basics of what you want your students to feel, how you want them to engage with other students, what type of wow factor you want to give when they come in through the doors, that’s often where you see the big changes happen.

It’s about creating an experience that delights, week in, week out.

If you can make that happen, you won’t even need to worry about marketing and that’s what happened to this studio owner. Jenn has successfully created what I call a self-populating studio.

This means that her studio has so many raving fan students that they go out and spread the word about this wonderful studio!  Her current students are her marketing team and as mini-recruiters, they continue to bring more students through the door.

In most studios, approximately 50% of students come into the studio via word of mouth (followed by online / website / social media attraction).

50% is a huge percentage.  Most studios will spend time thinking about their marketing strategy, but I wonder if you’re spending enough time thinking about your word-of-mouth strategy?

Word of mouth + retention = studio growth


And what are the secrets to developing phenomenal word of mouth and water-tight retention?

A team who make every moment magical.

If your teachers can come to the studio absolutely thriving with happiness and joy and so committed to giving to your students, it’s going to affect your business beautifully.

If you can keep your teachers really connected and really committed to your studio, it means that they’re not going to go somewhere else—which is going to impact your student retention as well.

Everybody wins!

Bringing the team together is the strongest, most transformative thing you could change in your studio this year.

It’s so informative and you’re going to love how openly they share their strategies. These three women are some of the trailblazers in the studio industry.

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