How to Market to Kids AND Parents

It’s the ultimate dilemma when you run a studio…

How do you appeal to both kids AND their parents? Especially when it comes to email marketing.

This came up after a conversation I had with Luke, who runs cricket holiday camps – how can you use email newsletters to connect with both parents and kids? After all, it’s the kids who desire but the parents who decide…

In this video, I’ll share with you how to carefully design your emails so they don’t get sent to the junk box but instead become something parents look forward to receiving.


Here’s the transcription…

Hi! It’s Chantelle here, the creator of the Student Attraction System. I was asked a great question the other day by a gentleman named Luke. Luke runs Cricket holiday camps for children and we are talking about e-mails that are being sent out by his newsletter. Luke asked me, “When you are sending out e-mails, how do you appeal to both kids and parents at the same time?” Now, this is the ultimate dilemma of our market. How can we simultaneously speak to both kids and parents who both have totally different criteria of what they are looking for in a program? At the end of the day kids can desire but it’s the parents who decide.

The secret lies in picking a content area that is both interesting to parents and helps them achieve what they want for their kids so they can pass this information on. For example, Luke, he runs Cricket holiday camp so it makes sense that he passes on information that helps to building healthy and active kids. He can send through content with example of games for the children to play. Get them away from that T.V. and get them more active. He can send through recipes, get the kids involved in the kitchen, creating healthy meals for themselves and their families. Give them examples of how they can improve that Cricket technique so they can become the next Brett Lee or Ricky Ponting.

In my studio for example, my whole focus was in giving kids confidence. I would send through articles and videos of what to do when you child gets stage fright. Those types of guides that would help a parent develop an empowered confident child. Now, here is a mistake that I see a lot of studio owners make. They send the same information through to their current students as they do to their potential students. This is a big no-no, because if you are a potential student and you’ve signed up to get your newsletter but what you really want is to learn. You want to find out more about the studio, find out what they teach and what their principles and philosophies are. If they are just getting the timetables they are going to be bored, it’s going to go into the junk mail. Use this opportunity to teach them, to show them what you are all about. Show them how you care holistically about the child and about their development.

So let’s wrap all this up. Your e-mail newsletter marketing is the perfect place for you to deliver high value interesting, fascinating content that the parents can use. It’s the perfect way to position yourself as an expert and an authority in your area and also build the relationship over time. So you can transition your potential students all the way into paying students which is what we love. Now, let’s hear from you. How are you using your e-mail marketing to deliver really high content value to your potential students? How are you teaching them about your subject area? So write them in the comments box below and I really look forward to reading them. See you next time!

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