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As a teacher, one of the biggest occupational hazards is losing your voice.


This is a bit off topic than what I normally talk about, but I wanted to share this information with you because if we don’t have our voices preserved as teachers, then it’s our vocation that we’re struggling with.


So, I wanted to kind of share with you a few tips on how to take care of your voice as a teacher.


Now, a few years ago, when I was teaching full-time, I had three months off work on worker’s compensation from chronic vocal fatigue.


I had no voice. It was terrible, and I couldn’t teach.


As part of my recovery, I had to go to speech therapy, where they told me that the main demographic of people who struggle with vocal fatigue are teachers of the age of 25 to 50.


And it’s very understandable.


We’re not drinking enough water.


We’re working long hours.


We’re speaking over the top of music.


We’re trying to project our voices in a really large space as well.


In this episode of StudioExpansionTV, I’ll share a few tips on how to take care of your voice as a teacher.


Because without our voice, our career as a teacher is really under pressure.


You know, one of the most interesting things I learned from going through that whole voice rehabilitation program was that it’s not necessarily about vocal rest.


I didn’t need more vocal rest to be able to get my voice back.


It was more important that we learn how to use our voice as teachers.


That’s a really important thing to remember, that it’s not necessarily cutting down your teaching hours or kind of trying to use different vocal cues or visual cues in your teaching style.


It’s actually just learning the techniques to use on a daily basis to support our voices – like warming up, using our support and lifting the voice up off the vocal chords.


So, have you struggled with vocal fatigue in the past as a teacher?


I would really love to hear from you, so pop a comment in the section below and I’ll be able to share a few more suggestions with you to be able to protect and preserve your precious voice.


Chantelle xx

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