Interview: How to Attract Adults to Your Studio

Dianne Harrison runs a studio with 500 ADULT students – she is THE lady to talk to when it comes to attracting and retaining adult students!

During our interview, Dianne gives great tips on how to structure your follow up with an adult student as well as a really practical way of building a relationship right from the first phone call.

She shares her tips on where she gain 95% of her leads from and the most important elements your studio must provide to ensure students stay for years.

What’s so beautiful about this interview is how Dianne shares her success with such humility.  She’s created a culture that has average student retention of 3 years – quite remarkable in the adult market.  The key to her success has been focusing on the relationships and building a strong connection with each individual student, so they feel valued and part of a community.

If you want to grow your studio and attract hundreds more students to your studio, the Student Attraction System will help you create a complete marketing plan for your studio.  It gives you all the tools, checklists and templates to design marketing that attracts your dream students (not the ones who leave after a term) and choreograph your studio’s marketing calendar so that you never have to scramble for students again.  If you’re ready to grow your studio, start here…  

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