Studio Superstar Interview with Beverly Spell

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This might be a little controversial way to open a blog but have you noticed that there is a lot of ‘Pink Fluff’ when it comes to preschool programs?  

Lots of pink… Not so strong on the educational foundations.

One of my core philosophies of studio management is that it’s all about the student.

The educational outcomes that we instill every day in our classroom must be at the heart of every decision we make in the studio.  

Which brings me to this week’s Studio Owner Superstar, Beverly Spell.

You know when you meet people and you simply are in awe of their presence and vision?  Beverly Spell is one of those people – and as one of my Studio Elite clients over the past year, I’ve learnt so much about the impact an educationally-rich preschool program can have on your students.  

Beverly is one of the world’s most highly regarded preschool dance educators.  

The most impressive element about her Leap ‘N Learn program is that every single lesson has been reviewed by a child psychologist to ensure they are educationally appropriate for the development of the child.

When you put quality of education first, everything falls into line.  

Here in this week’s episode of StudioExpansionTV I’m interviewing Beverly – where she shares some INCREDIBLE tips on how she has grown a remarkable preschool program.

Beverly is the founder of Leap N Learn, which is the leading preschool curriculum. This program is truly remarkable and in this interview Beverly explains what is so unique about Leap N Learn and her journey so far.

We also dive deep into Beverly’s processes of her very successful and large dance studio.

Beverly shares her tips on:

  • How to create a magical first impression in your studio
  • How she uses older students to be ‘Ambassadors’ to her preschoolers
  • How to design a preschool program that retains students

If you run a preschool dance program, consider this video compulsory watching!  

This is a studio superstar you do not want to miss!

 Download the Interview Transcript here


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