Superstar Studio Owner Spotlight: Karen Malek, The Queen of Dance

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Special treat for you all today. I’d like to introduce you to a woman whom I greatly admire.

Her passion is INFECTIOUS.

Her knowledge BOUNDLESS.

Her devotion to dance INFINITE.

Today, pour yourself a tea and settle in as I interview a woman who has made an immeasurable contribution to dance in Australia.

Her name: Karen Malek.  I like to call her the Queen of Dance in Australia, even pondered getting her a crown.

In this interview, you’ll hear Karen and I discuss the future of the industry, what is essential in dance education and how to impact the lives of your students through dance.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

– How to run a successful studio across multiple locations (and how to grow them quickly!)

– Important trends in the dance industry

– The power of how dance teachers can impact students

– How to craft an exceptional experience to students and fill your studio with care and compassion.

No doubt you’ll fall in love with her as much as I do.  

Soak up her wisdom and feel your own passion for dance be fuelled by hers.


 Download the Interview Transcript here



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