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Chantelle Duffield

Chantelle Duffield

Studio Expansion Director & Head Coach

As a member of Studio Evolution, you’ll receive one-on-one personalized coaching and guidance from our director – Chantelle Duffield.


This is an application-only program and there are a limited places available each year.


  • Filling your studio to capacity – with a wait list for lessons – by creating an unrivalled student experience
  • Becoming a nationally recognized performing arts training organization, known for innovation and creating a new generation of performers.
  • Expanding your studio to multiple locations and states
  • Creating online teaching programs to share your methodology with a global audience and develop a passive income stream.
  • Establishing a thriving arts center, a place for the community to connect through performance.
  • Implementing a teacher training program to empower young teachers with the skills to become outstanding educators.
  • Starting the process of licensing or franchising your studio to enable the business to grow exponentially.
  • Scaling your studio with systems to be in the best possible position to sell down the track.
  • Founding a not-for-profit arts organization able to give scholarships to those students with a dream, but without the means.
  • Forming a full-time program to cater for those students wishing to transition to a performance career.
  • Opening a performing arts pre-school to provide an innovative, integrative education for youth.
  • Stepping away from day-to-day studio operations to focus on running the studio as CEO.

Fulfil your dream for your studio and give more students the chance to fulfil their dream.

What Studio Evolution Members are Saying…

“As a studio owner, time is one thing I can never have enough of. What Chantelle has done is help me refine and streamline this plan to engage my preferred customers, focus my advertising material & cut my marketing costs, giving me back time and money. It is a truly enlightening process helping you define your business, to focus on your students more, and to find your place in the industry. I know there will be further positive results from this informative program, as I see with each step of it I complete.”

Ziggy Clements

“Working with Chantelle has been an amazing experience! She has led us through a process of identifying who we are and what we’re about so that we can market our organisation effectively and increase public awareness.  She has given us direction, opened up new paths for us to follow and new fields to move into and inspired us to think outside the square.  Chantelle fully embraced our ethos and her positive energy and sparkly personality has been a delight to work with.”

Jackie Rawlings
BJP Physical Culture

The ultimate advantage

When you join Studio Evolution, you’ll be privy to private benefits, insightful coaching, powerful strategies and practical training designed to transform your studio and your life. Studio Evolution is truly a one-of-a-kind (and once in a lifetime) opportunity to give yourself the ultimate support in growing your studio on every level.

The first step on this amazing journey begins with you. Secure your consideration for membership now by filling in the application below. Spots in Studio Evolution are limited and applications are considered on a first-come-first- served basis.

Read Carefully

We offer limited places to hand selected applicants.

We read through hundreds of applications, and due to the nature of this program, we can only accept a small amount of people.

We are looking for a specific type of person to work with, so this program requires you to fill out an application form to let us know how committed you are.

If you have these Key Traits, you’re on to a good start!

1. Desire to Succeed
2. Commitment to the Process
3. Mindset of a Student

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