SUPER STAR STUDIO OWNER! Meet Elena and discover how studio systems gave her FREEDOM!

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Probably one of the most intimidating things for many studio owners is a 7 letter word: SYSTEMS.

We are performing arts teachers after all, systems are NOT our zone of genius.

But on the other hand, they give us such FREEDOM in our lives to have more time to do the things we love.

Recently, I interviewed Elena Lambrinos, one of our SuperStar Studio Evolution members. In this interview we talked about her experience in bringing more systems into her studio.  

Meet Elena and discover how she has systemised her studio, sorted her finances and reclaimed her time!

“Implementing studio management software (SMS) into my studio has been a game changer on so many levels. I’m no longer wasting time creating invoices and chasing payments. We’ve streamlined our enrolment systems for all of our programs and have removed all late payment issues.

In Dec, 2016 I had a 5-figure sum owing to me from late payers. This year, everyone is now fully up to date on a term-by-term basis. Our software makes converting enquiries into enrolments simple and more successful. I’m now collecting registrations for things like workshops on auto-pilot – there’s nothing quite like the feeling of selling out a workshop and seeing income roll in and you haven’t had to do a thing!

In regards to my development as a business woman, implementing SMS has allowed me to shift my thinking away from an invoice-based business model that sells a service, to a professional business that sells a product.

This shift has been huge as it has allowed me to distance myself from the emotional ties that lead us to validate discounting. The process of implementing and using SMS has enabled me to value the programs I offer and begin phasing out discounts altogether.

Finally, implementing SMS has taken the professionalism of my business to the next level. We’re now operating with sleek systems that are in sync with the ease and convenience that business owners seek and customers come to expect.”

In this video you will learn:

  • How to ensure your pricing is spot on before introducing such a big change
  • How to communicate the change to your families
  • How to choose the right studio management system for your studio.  

Bringing more sophisticated systems into your studio that save you time AND create a more professional experience for your students is pinnacle to running a successful studio.

It works wonders – listen to my interview with Elena and see what she has achieved in her studio over the last 6 months since embracing new studio systems!

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