Meet Our Inspiring SEP Scholarship Awardees February 2016

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It’s time!!!

Before we make the big announcement – I’d like to share a little bit more about my thought process behind these scholarships.

My intention with this scholarship is to support studios who are passionate about how the performing arts has the potential to unite communities through the performing arts.

At core, our largest intention as studio owners is to ignite the passion for the performing arts in more and more students – and engaging with the larger community is a great way of spreading the love and transforming the lives of others around us.

I know from the submissions we received that many of you are struggling with lack of time and resources and I encourage you to keep going – we’ve seen studios turn things around within months, it IS possible.

What makes YOU different is your tenacity and dedication to learning and thinking differently.

I am so grateful for your courage, honesty and strength in submitting these videos – and LOVE being able to learn a little more about you and your studios.

Making this decision of utterly agonising – while I am so proud to offer this opportunity, it’s one of the hardest things I have to do all year!

I am THRILLED to welcome these Studio Owners into our magnificent SEP community and cannot wait to work with them over the months to come.

Please welcome our February 2016 SEP Scholarship Winners!


Stephenie from Star II Centre for Dance, Michigan

(I love what Stephenie shared) “As I mentioned in my video, we are in a suburb of Detroit and many of our families come from that area. The school system is falling down around our children and the educators. Things like books and school supplies aren’t even made a priority much less music and the arts. The community is being robbed of knowing first hand the impact that dance can have in instilling a sense of self worth and a ‘can do’ spirit in the lives of young ones. During our last open house, we made sure that every family (siblings included) received school supplies and a free healthy lunch. I sincerely believe the SEP would put me in a position to do more things like this and have a greater impact on our community through dance!”

Tegan from Valley Dance, Oregon

For having your studio flooded, having to move across town to find a venue and losing half your students, for serving the deaf community and for becoming a foster parent!!

Megan from Legacy Dance Project, North Carolina

“The SEP Scholarship would help me give back to my community very much. Legacy Dance Project already holds many free and in-studio events that are open to all dancers in the area. For example, we have a really cool Halloween/Thriller event that over 300 watchers came out to view our performance this past year. This event was also free for all dancers from ages 5 and up to participate. I choreographed, housed the rehearsals, we had special effect makeup professionals, and a dj that provided our sound/music… ALL volunteering their time, work, and effort. It was awesome to see us all come together to provide our growing downtown area a truly unique experience. I would love to create more events like so. I am a firm believer in that everyone should have the joy of dance in their life, no matter their ability or financial standing, and I love providing those opportunities.When I teach it is important to be an advocate in my students lives. To be the person that watches them grow and progress, to be the person that pushes them to their personal greatness, to be the one to teach them to humbly win and graciously lose, to be the one that points out this is more than dance steps… that this is an investment in their character. I always ask them… “What will be your legacy?””

Orly from Kindermusik with Orly,  Ontario

For perservering despite tremendous obstacles and hardship, yet never losing faith.

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