The Must Read Book To Build A Team of Inspired Teachers

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I’ve been so excited to share this with you, it’s one of the best books that I’ve read all year. It’s completely inspired so many of my clients with a whole new vision for how they’re going to run their studio.

The book is called, Creating Magic by Lee Cockerell.

Lee of all people should know how to exceed expectations in the business because he is one of the head executives at Disney World in Florida.

As you and I know, Disney’s whole philosophy is to give each child the most fabulous day of their lives as the happiest place on earth. The thing is that when you’re running a business, how do you do that consistently every single day of the year?

In the book, he shares so many great ideas and strategies about how to build that sense of wonder and passion in a team so that they can consistently make your studio and Disney World the happiest place on earth.

My favorite chapter from this book is chapter four. It’s creating magic through training. Every page you just want to highlight and there’s so much gold in this book.

I want to share with you one of the core concepts from chapter four that I think you’ll really love. It’s really resonated with me and a lot of my clients. In a nutshell, it’s this.

It’s to train your team in their purpose not in their job.

I want to give you a few examples that relate to running a studio. For example you’ve got an admin team member and they’re sitting at the front desk and their role is to respond to emails, answer the phone inquiries, return them, and kind of meet and greet people as they come through the door.

That is their job, their J-O-B, but this whole concept about training them in their purpose elevates what you expect for them and also kind of gives you a whole another level of understanding how you know that they’re being successful in their role.

This happened actually recently to one of my clients, she came to me said “I gave my admin person 70 leads to follow-up with, 70 inquiries, and she followed up with 2. 2!”

We are here thinking she’s doing her job, and she’s responding to the emails, but when it comes down to it, what is the purpose of her role? Her purpose is not just to answer emails, it’s not just to answer the phone, her purpose is to actively enroll students and promote retention. That is the purpose of the job.

It shifts the way we think about your teachers, your teachers aren’t there just to teach steps, to teach routines, to teach songs, our teachers are there to inspire the students to want to come back next week.

Our teachers are there to promote retention and create a community within the studio. That is the purpose of what they’re doing.

It’s such an interesting shift of what type of conversations do we as the studio director need to start having to start educating our employees, our team in what they could be doing and what really is the core function of their role.

What is the purpose, what is the heart of what they’re really doing with us?

This comes back to shifting the conversations away from what they do, to why they’re doing what they’re doing. This is the difference, you’ve probably had this experience in the past. It’s the difference between a teacher who rocks in 5 minutes before class, is on their phone, is not really prepared when the students start arriving, and the teacher who is there in plenty of time, who sets everything up, who creates the space and is there ready and present to welcome people into her classroom.

That is the difference, one is doing their job, they’re there to teach from 4 to 5, the other teacher is there to create a relationship and create an experience with the students.

Completely different, but one is doing their job, and one is meeting their purpose.

This is where we start to step into excellence in our studios, and that is exciting.

When everyone is on the same page in your studio creating this experience for the kids and all the students, that is just magical, that is when you see your retention improve. It is where you see your word of mouth inquiries improve, and where you see the studio thrive because all of your team are not just there doing the status quo, they’re there creating an experience of wonder, and that is why you’re by far above the rest of your competition.

It starts with training and educating your team in the why, not the what.

The magic lies in the smallest of moments in your studio. I love this book so much, I have read it time and time again. I really encourage you to go grab it, it’s not very expensive and it will completely give you such a different perspective on how you can run your studio. It’s called Creating Magic by Lee Cockerell. It’s the best book that I’ve read this year, you’re going to love it.

The other thing that will really help you to create this experience is, I want you to watch a 1-hour free training that I’ve done, and it’s a 1-hour workshop where I literally work through with you how to create this intoxicating experience for your students that’s going to benefit your retention.

It really gives you the golden keys to creating unbelievable longevity and loyalty in your students.

It’s a free workshop, you can watch it straight away by clicking the link below. It’s called Ramp Up Retention. It’s really going to be a great complement to reading Creating Magic. It’s going to get you really fired up and ready to go.

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In the comments below, I’d love you to share with us, have you had a teacher work for you, who you know is there for the right reasons? They’re there because they’re fulfilling their purpose, not because it’s a job, and the difference you’ve seen … and the contrast in different teachers that way.

Share with us your experience in when you’ve had a teacher on your team who is there all about creating magic for those students every moment of every day.


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