Parents: Love em or Loathe em…

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In this episode of StudioExpansionTV we are talking parents. Love them. Loathe them.


They’re a big part of running our business, and I want to talk to you today about how to build the relationships with your parents to improve your studio’s retention.


Teaching is what we love to do and nothing is more important to us than the children. 

But it’s hard when you’re trying to do your best for the child and sometimes the parents get in the way.


However, if we start to see the parents as the enemy, we’re not going to help your students in any way.

When it comes down to it, if we’re talking retention, parents are the ones who really influence retention.


The moment that we lose the loyalty of a parent, there is no convincing that that child can do that will change the parent’s mind as to why they should go somewhere else.


You know, the parents are the ones who hold all the cards hands, and so the more that we can create an environment where the parents feel really supported, they’ve got great communication, and they really love and respect your studio, they will move heaven and earth to do things for you, and that is what we want to try and create.


I guess what I’m kind of saying is I don’t want you to hate parents.


I see so many comments that are so angry towards the parents but they’re not the enemy.

They’re looking out for their child, and all we need to do is just create some systems in your studio that allow the parents to communicate their feelings, so they feel heard, they feel acknowledged in a way that doesn’t increase your workload and allows you to do what you do best, which is get results with those kids.


The more we build relationships with parents the better retention you’ll have with your students…


So, what do you do in your studio to help keep the parents on side in your studio?

Do you have any special systems for communication?

Do you kind of have parent surveys, where you find out what they do like, what they do enjoy?


Thank you so much for popping your tips in the comments below and share what you’re doing to be able to improve your parent retention.

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