How to Position Your Studio As Numero Uno

 In Attract more Students

Many studio directors I know aren’t very fond of ‘tooting their own trumpet’.

“Modesty,” Oliver Herford said is “the gentle art of enhancing your charm by pretending not to be aware of it.”

And that’s exactly the route we’d like to take with marketing your studio.

One of my favourite marketing strategies for studios is to shine the focus upon the results of your students – and let THAT do the talking.

That’s why Case Studies and testimonials are such a powerful way to demonstrate what your studio achieves.  Everyone loves a ‘once I was X and now I’m Y thanks to Z’ story.  Let your students sing your praises on your studio’s behalf.

If I had my way, EVERY PAGE of your studio’s website would feature a case study and at least one testimonial.

It’s the best way of demonstrating credibility, whilst still staying humble.

So, see if you can use the success of one of your students as a case study in your advertising or on your website.  OR, how about creating an ‘edu-taining’ video that features your students and parents sharing their experience in your studio.  Wouldn’t that be beautiful!



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