How to Price & Package Your Classes

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Now, today, I want to give you a little bit of a different way of thinking about how you could package and price your programs in your studio. Some of the most successful studios that I work with have taken quite a different approach to how they sell their programs.

We’re talking about transitioning to becoming an ‘ALL-INCLUSIVE’ studio.

What this really does is give an impression of amazing value.

When a parent goes to choose your studio, we’re going to say, “You know what. When you come to our studio, you’re going to get photographs of your child at the end of the year that are beautiful and professionally done. You’re going to get all the costumes, all the props, everything is going to be included. You’ll get tickets to our end of year concert for your entire family to come and watch your child.”

Because when you think about it, they’re going to have to pay that money anyway and every time you’re asking them for money, they’re having to do that transaction with you and that just makes that whole feeling. It’s icky. It’s not a very comfortable feeling.

We want to take the money out of the equation, so we can focus upon delivering that beautiful experience to your students.

So, this is just something for you to ponder:  how could you create a more inclusive, more all encompassing pricing program that just is such a wow factor of value that parents go it’s a no brainer to go with this studio?

Share your thoughts in the comments below – is this something you’d like to start offering in your studio?


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