How to Re-Enroll your Students for Retention

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It’s that time of the year when many of you a wrapping up your recitals – Congratulations and BRAVISSIMO on all your hard work!

One quick little thing I wanted to mention before you ‘down tools’ for the year is to talk about your re-enrollment plan for your big Fall intake.

Right now, energy and positivity about your studio is probably at it’s highest. All the parents are thrilled about the recital and NOW is the time to prime them for coming back next year.


Let me give you an example. Today I did a VIP Planning day with a studio and as part of their retention plan, we created a re-enrollment bonus pack, where if they registered before X date, the students will receive:

  1. A free ticket to a one day workshop (worth $50 – you could offer them a free day at one of your summer events)
  2. A free class pass to try a new type of class next year (great for encouraging your students to pick up multiple streams)
  3. A free ticket to their Latin Tuesday social dance event (they’re a latin dance studio and we’ve found that once they start social dancing they’re more likely to get hooked and continue learning for longer)
  4. A code to receive 50% off admission to their end of year party (where they can watch the more advanced dancers perform and get inspired)

Great thing about this is we’re not discounting at all. We’re retaining all our delicious revenue AND providing them with a massive incentive for joining in the time allocated. It’s a no brainer.


  • Give them a short window to register eg 2 weeks.
  • Get creative on what you can provide that won’t cost you very much, yet would be adored by your students. You could give merchandise, access to workshops/masterclasses – or perhaps they go in the running to win a major prize.
  • Stack the bonuses – break them out into smaller inclusions to make it appear they’re getting more!
  • Promote it heavily, via email, signage in the studio, teachers communicating it in classes, admin support mentioning it at the welcome desk, FB posts, have a desk set up at the recital where they can see all the bonuses and sign up on the spot.
  • Avoid discounting, strive instead to add more value.
  • If you haven’t released your timetable yet, offer this as a chance for Priority Registration – so they’ll receive first choice of classes once the timetable comes out.

Please trust me when I say that you’ll thank yourself in September that you pushed that liiiiiittle bit harder now to lock down more students for Fall.

And, I’m guessing some cashflow right now wouldn’t go astray. Securing some registrations now will help to tide you over the summer financially, which is the real bonus for you (as well as peace of mind).

That glass of wine and a nanna nap on the couch is not too far away now! If you need any help mapping out your re-enrollment plan, just give me a shout.


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