Teresa Davis

Went from being in crushing debt to now having 3 months of operating expenses in the bank.

Terrie Wayside

Went from feeling unworthy and unsure about her studio to know finding her voice and purpose.



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Hillary-Marie Atkinson

Went from barely paying herself and working non stop to now only teaching 3 classes per week whilst her studio thrives.

Jill Copenhaver

From the outside had a very successful studio but was working insane hours and not putting herself first.


Kim Rowley

Went from complete studio owner burnout to now having time back with her family whilst her team thrives.

Mary-Ellen Bryan

Now knows how to read her Profit and Loss statements and since joining has built a solid financial foundation for her studio.

Richele McEwan

Went from struggling to find teachers to now having a waitlist of teachers wanting to work in her studio.


Sheila Lawson

After being in studio business for years she now finally feels like the CEO of her studio.

Ryan Eaton & Ryan Newell

Now pay themselves a wage and have doubled their revenue.

Rebecca Taylor

Within 6 months of joining increased her revenue by 25% and increased profitability from 1% to 13%.


Charlotte W

Went from -3 % profit to 43% profit all during COVID. Charlotte shows what is possible for all studio owners.

Natasha Shandler

I was a mess before Studio Evolution and now have time to be with my family.

Toby Carroll

Enrolled over 20 students within my 1st trimester of being in Studio Evolution

Lauren Spencely

Has made her studio work for her and now confidently makes decisions.

Alisa Finn

Went from working 60 hours to 20 hours a week and got her maternity leave.

Jessica Prince

Found strength in her Evolution community in her darkest time and got the family time she desired.

Lisa Mandavy-Sammour

From the outside her studio seemed successful but she was drowning. Now Lisa is shining and has a 90% conversion rate.

Kylie Clift

Has increased her cashflow and revenue whilst making bold decisions.

Kathy Morrison

Now consistently has over 1,000 students enrolled, up 5% on last year whilst reducing her work week by 8 hours.

Samantha Grant

What Studio Evolution has done for me…

Natasha English McCulloch

Now has a retention rate of 83% and enrolled 20 students in the first week back from the pandemic lockdown.

Murisa Harba Durrant

Murisa not only found her passion again but also injected $44k into her business in 2020 and achieved a 99% retention rate during a pandemic.

Linda Grigg

Went from working 60 hours to now 25 hours a week and grown her student enrolments from 89 to 159 in her first year.

Sharlene Ponzo

Almost doubled her preschool program in 12 weeks and has taken back control of her studio financials.

Jasmin & Adam McDougall

Were able to dive deep into the content and take their studio to another level.

Tash Archer

Has gone from complete burnout to now supporting her family in more ways than one.

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