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 In Attract more Students, Get more done in less time

Verdict is in my friends – I’m totally convinced by this new social media program called Meet Edgar. I’ve made you a video to show you how it works, check it out. In just 5 hours, I scheduled 12 months worth of 5 days a week Facebook posts. I’m a bit in love….

While it’s still very important to keep your studio’s Facebook page current and active, it certainly helps me sleep tight at night knowing that there is valuable, engaging content going out each week.  Automating your studio marketing is the best way to help your studio grow, whilst you have time to do things you love.

When life gets a little bit chaotic, systems like this will help to keep your studio’s marketing on track and ensure that pipeline of new students keeps on flowing!

Find out more about Meet Edgar here (I’m not affiliated, just a raving fan!)

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