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I spent a sunny Saturday morning biting my nails down to the quick trying to choose out top 5 SEP Scholarship winners from the 177 outstanding and deserving applicants.

studio expansion program scholarship winners august 2016

Our new Scholarship awardees all have one thing in common: they all share an incredible vision for uniting their communities through the performing arts. Each of these winners has a unique approach to serving their communities- from working with Aboriginal communities in Western Australia to using circus arts to help children with emotional disabilities to mobile music education for rural communities.

Without further ado,

Please congratulate our SEP Scholarship Awardees for September 2016:

Ami Dowden-Fant- River City Dance & Performing Arts Theatre

“I’m really passionate about educating my families about how the arts can benefit ones life not just in the studio/stage but everyday life skills and communication.”

We cannot wait to help you do just that Ami!

Brynn Girard- Xtreme Danceworks

“I am working on starting a charity called the DreamMakers Foundation which provides funding to underpirvileged children to take classes in the performing arts.”

Brynn- we cannot wait to see you be able to give back to your community in such a beautiful way!

Christine Psalms- Dancing For His Glory Studio

“I teach because I have a lot in me that I desire to give out to our youth. It’s important to me to give to others what was given to me. I would be doing a disservice and not fulfilling my purpose if I choose to keep this gift to myself/”

Helping you to reach even more children to share your talents is going to be our absolute pleasure Christine.

Jen MacQueen- Akrosphere Aerial & Circus Arts

Jen has such a beautiful vision for her studio. We are so excited to work with you to ensure you keep spreading your incredible talent.

” In addition to physical skills, I and all of my staff want to help our kids really THINK; help them learn to make educated choices about their lives.”

Takenya Battle- Kenya’s Keys Voice & Piano Studio

” My community is primarily made up of military families, farmers/ranchers, hospital workers, and long time locals. These people know what hard work, dedication and determination are. I want to deliver them an experience that creates generations of lifetime music learners and lifelong music lovers. My community should be able to reap lifetime music benefits as a result of the instruction provided through my business.”

Takenya- we hope this scholarship keeps you striving towards creating an incredible future for your community for generations to come!

These are incredibly inspiring examples of how studios have the potential to change entire communities.

That’s my mission here lovely ones. It’s not really about attracting a couple of dozen more students. We are all here for a much bigger purpose than that. My vision is that we get your studio to be in such a strong, profitable position that we can then give back with confidence and generosity. Through your success, the ripples will spread far and wide.

The success of your studio if not only to give you personal and financial fulfilment…

It’s the opportunity to start the disability dance program you’ve dreamt of running. Or being able to offer complimentary after school programs for inner city kids who don’t have a safe space to go after school. Or start a not-for-profit  arm of the studio. Or have a scholarship foundation for your talented kids.

By choosing to lean in, with complete belief that you will do whatever it takes to make this studio thrive, you will create opportunities for others to thrive.

That’s what the SEP is all about: helping your studio to succeed so that you can help others.

Thank you to everyone who applied- as we read each application our hearts felt your devotion to your studios, your passion for sharing your love of the performing arts. You have absolutely inspired all of us!

To our scholarship winners- we are so proud of you and cannot wait to watch your vision come to life through the SEP.

To your success,

Chantelle x

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