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I’m going to share with you some real gold here today. I’m so excited to share this with you. This is what to do when you’re in a little bit of a crisis situation.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say that you really want to raise your prices but you’re so nervous that you’re going to lose students as a result, so you have something coming up in the business but you don’t want it to impact on your retention.

Likewise, you might be changing some processes, you think some people might be disappointed.

This is a strategy to pull out whenever you’ve got to communicate something to your families in your studio that you’re a little bit nervous about and you want to make sure you keep as many students connected to the studio as possible.

I learned this strategy whilst babysitting a toddler.

When you see a toddler start to get a little bit upset, what do you do in that situation? I’ll tell you what you do, you’ll say “Oh, look Jamie, look over there, there’s a bird.” Distract!

The name of the game is distraction.


We’re going to apply this same principle to your studio.

For example, let’s say we’re going to be making that announcement soon about raising your prices. We could go down the line of “Hello everyone, we’ve got some very important news to share with you today. We are going to be raising our prices as of next year by 15 percent…..”

It’s as though that is the main message.

Or add a little bit of shiny disco ball.


The shiny disco ball acts as the distractor. We want to give them something to keep their attention, keep them feeling “Oh. My. Gosh. This studio is fantastic. Wow, this is fantastic! Oh and you’re raising your prices? That’s okay…let’s look at this again!”

We’re going to pace and lead them in how they’re experiencing the receiving of this news.

We know we’ve got to communicate this news and at some stage or another, we’ve always got to go to our families with something that they’re not going to love.

How can we add a bit of sparkle? How can we add a bit of shiny disco ball, a bit of light to the situation?

I like to do this in the form of announcing something that they are going to adore, even if I have to create it in order to have this happen. For example, if I know I’m doing a price rise, I also want them to feel that they’re going to be getting enhanced value.

If they feel like we’re raising the prices but they’re not getting anything extra, they’re going to feel “mmm”.

I don’t want them to feel that way. I want my families to feel like they’re so cherished and so valued.

If that’s the case, what we do is we think “Okay, I’ve got to make this announcement about the price rise so let’s bring something really fun. How about what if we did an evening where the parents can come and drop off their children before Christmas and they can go shopping for three hours, late night shopping, we’ll mind them and it will be all taken care of.”

We do the main messaging about this fantastic parent drop off night, parents night out type of thing and then we also, the secondary message at that same time is about the price rise.

It’s not just that we’re leading with the negative, we’re going shiny disco ball and here as well.

Keep them focused on the positive in your studio. Keep them connected with why they love what you do and give them more of what makes them happy whilst also communicating what is important from you from a strategic business perspective.

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