The Secrets Of 500+ Student Studios

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Question for you lovely ones:  how many enrolled students would it take for you to KNOW that your studio is successful?


This is a really important figure to know. For some of you, it might be 150.  Others might want to have 750 enrolled.  


Whatever your number is, if you feel the passion in your veins to really make your dream a reality – we believe in your studio and know that it is possible.  


Studios all over the world are creating quantum leaps in their studio growth just from making a few tweaks to their strategy…

“In just 5 weeks my studio has gone from 50% capacity to 100% capacity with a waiting list!”

Natalie Rogers – Bojangles Dance, NSW Australia

“My revenue is up 34% from this time last year.”

Sandra Lie – All Age Music AUS

“I doubled my numbers within 10 weeks of starting the program”

Abby Richter – Competitive Edge Dance Studio USA

“We’ve attracted 86 new students – and counting!!”

Marika Harvey – Danceworks NZ

“We’ve grown by 30% in just 6 months – with no extra marketing”

Jenn Horak-Hult  – Pied Piper Studios USA

“I’ve gone from 46 to 160+ students in just 11 months and now have a waitlist for classes”

Rebecca Perry – Broadway Academy AUS


If you are ready to create huge momentum in your studio and welcome dozens more students fast, I’m running a free training to jumpstart your growth!


the secrets behind 500+ student studios


New Free Training: Secrets of 500+ Student Studios


Jump on the studio growth bandwagon and gain the insider secrets to help welcome more students to your studio!


Share your passion with more students and watch your studio family flourish!


If you’ve hit a ceiling in your studio and you just can’t seem to get to the next level this training is a MUST WATCH.


You’ll walk away with the EXACT steps to grow your studio to 500 students and beyond, with behind the scenes case studies of how real life studios have



  • The Secret of Studio Growth


You’ll discover a formula to identify what is holding your studio back and what to do to grow.  Learn the secrets of the studios who’ve achieved what you want and find out how you can quickly replicate their success.


  • Fill Your Studio to Capacity


Half the challenge of growing your studio is filling your classes to capacity – you’ll make more money and grow faster.  Learn how to make filling your studio to capacity effortless with these powerful tips.  


  • Scale Up Your Studio


Whether your studio has 50, 100 or 200+ students, this training will show you what to focus on at each stage of studio growth to get to the next level.  This simple formula makes it easy to scale to the next level.


In ONE HOUR You’ll Learn How To Grow Your Studio To 500+ Students And Finally Feel Like You’re On The Right Track…


If you want to know how to grow in a nutshell, with more ease and less stress, this training will show you how.


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