6 Steps of Self Care For Studio Owners

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No matter whether you have just started your studio or you have been in business for years, running a studio can also be a little like running a marathon. You constantly are moving from task to task, keeping all the plates spinning and everyone with a smile on their face. It’s tough!

Many studio owners I have worked with have mentioned to me that they fear getting sick and having to take time off teaching. They fear that they will get sick and let down their students and compromise their studio’s reputation for having to take time off. Sometimes the stress and anxiety surrounding this fear of getting sick can actually make you sick.

There are bound to be days where you feel exhausted, burnt out and completely overwhelmed. Whilst you are in this state you might find it absolutely unthinkable to take some time OUT of your business.

But, avoiding this kind of situation takes one big action step: SELF CARE!

Self care really relies on you to allow yourself to take time out to recharge, reboot and get ready to move forwards in a positive way. It truly is one of the most important aspects of running a studio. I think taking time out for yourself is something we often feel guilty about as we perceive it as being selfish or a “waste” of good working time. But truthfully it is the best gift you can give yourself AND your studio.

With that in mind, here are six steps you can implement in your routine to put you on a positive path in your life and your studio:

STEP 1: Look After Your Body

How many of you honestly manage to schedule in time to look after your own body? As a dance teacher you are probably constantly moving about so exercising for yourself may be an after thought. As a music or singing teacher you may be helping others work on their voices, so you may neglect to look after your own. You need to be on top form as you are the driving force behind your studio. Make a conscious effort every week to take time out to go for a walk, take a Pilates class, steam your vocal cords, nourish your body with delicious and healthy food and get plenty of good quality sleep. Find what fits in with your lifestyle, how you enjoy getting your body moving and make it a non-negotiable time in your schedule.

For tips on how to look after your voice as a teacher, CLICK HERE

STEP 2: Have A Digital Detox

As a studio owner how many times a day do you check your emails, update your social media, respond to messages, answer phone calls? If you get to the point where you feel a little anxious when you’re not quite sure where your mobile phone is or when you cannot access the internet for a while; it may be time for a digital detox! Now this doesn’t involve you confining yourself to a cave for a weekend where you will have no temptations and definitely no mobile coverage. I encourage you to take at least one afternoon a week where you place your phone on airplane mode, pop it in a drawer and focus on being 100% present in the moment. You can spend some amazing quality time with your kids, go for a long walk with your partner, have a cocktail evening with your girlfriends. Your business will not fall apart and  you will have a great time uninterrupted. Give it a go this week! It may feel uncomfortable at first but you’ll soon get used to it and really see the benefits of taking that time to unplug.

Here’s a post on when I unplugged for an ENTIRE MONTH, CLICK HERE.

STEP 3: Celebrate Your Wins (Big & Small)

If you took part in our #studioplanathon last month you probably set yourself some big studio goals. Now when you reach those studio goals you MUST take some time to really celebrate your achievements! Pop the Champagne, sing from the rooftops and give yourself a well deserved pat on the back. Then sit down and set yourself your next big goals that you can smash! The big wins are the most obvious to celebrate, but don’t neglect the smaller victories. A great idea is to keep a “Win Journal” where you document all those business wins in your studio from the huge achievements to the small everyday victories. Then on days where you feel as though you’re not getting anywhere and your positivity is dwindling; you can open up your Win Journal and remember all the progress you have made.

STEP 4: Allow Yourself “Me-Time” To Catch Up With Family and Friends

Our minds and bodies were not built to work 24/7. Taking time out with friends and family to focus on topics other than your studio are so important. Meet up with a friend who always has a fun story to tell, speak with your children about their day, discuss the latest episode of Game of Thrones with your partner. It is difficult to stop thoughts about your business consuming your mind 24/7 but try to take your mind out of your business and onto other things that fill you with joy.

STEP 5: Remind Yourself Why You Started Your Studio

Think back to why you decided to embark on your journey as a studio owner in the first place. Did you start to escape the conventional 9-5? Did you intend on spending more quality time with your family? Was your intention to be able to provide financially for your family? Whatever the reason, don’t forget about it. There will be those times where doubt and frustration creep in and running a studio takes some serious hard work but you also reap the most amazing rewards. When times get tough, remember why you started and reinvigorate your excitement and enthusiasm to succeed.

STEP 6: Build Self Care Into Your Routine

If you make a point to build self care into your routine with allocated times where you will exercise, take time out, eat well and unplug they will become second nature eventually. These healthy habits will transform not only your day to day life but also your effectiveness as a studio owner. Make a chart with the numbers 1-30 on- every day you complete a healthy habit based around self care you can mark it off as complete.


Do you make a concerted effort to build self care into your routine? Do you feel guilty about taking time OUT of your business? What would be your ultimate “Self Care Break”? Let me know in the comments below!


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