SEP Scholarship Winners March 2015!

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Thank you to all the people who submitted #studioexpansionscholarship entries!  It was so inspiring hearing your vision for your studio and community and the love you have for your students.  I’m also beyond grateful

I’m so proud to announce four winners of the Studio Expansion Program Scholarship for the Studio Director AND a $500 Student Scholarship for a deserving student  (click their name to watch their application video)

Here are the winners of the #SEPscholarship for March 2015

RockIt Performing Arts, South Australia – for sharing their passion for performing with students of ALL abilities.

Motion Express Dance Studio Ontario, Canada – “for all those kids who are so ingrained in my heart”

Francis Variation Arts, Ontario, Canada – for your passion when talking about “when the lightbulb goes off in my students eyes, when they GET it”

Lifelong Music Victoria, AUS – For founding a Music Access Scholarship program (and for an excellent t-shirt!)


Look, I know I said I’d offer 3, but there are two more studio’s who showed such passion and heart – which is what the Studio Expansion Program is all about – that I’d love to work with them through the SEP to grow their studios.  These studios will receive full membership into the Studio Expansion Program:

Fame School of Performing Arts Brisbane, AUS – “for getting your passion back”

Jeanne’s School of Dance, Arizona USA – because “being strapped tighter than a pointe shoe” isn’t much fun!

I have to say, watching these videos, there are moments when I had tears streaming down my face.  But as these videos show, running a studio can challenge and push you to your very limit.  All too often, you’re surviving on the passion alone.

That’s what the SEP is all about.

It’s about being able to make a GREAT income from living your passion and inspiring students with a love of the performing arts.

It’s about having more time in your day to run the studio AND play with your children and spend time with your partner.

It’s about setting up your studio to work for you – not the other way around.

My driving passion is to make it easier for studio directors like you by giving you the exact marketing blueprints and studio systems you need to bring the joy and freedom back into running your studio.

With the Studio Expansion Program, we will take your studio to the next level together (and you can save $500 by joining before 11pmSYDNEY time tonight! – when’s that in my timezone?)

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who sent in videos.  It was INCREDIBLY hard to decide from all the applications that were sent in and if you missed out, I truly do thank you for your message and please do apply again next time.

I’ll be in touch with these Scholarship awardees within 24 hours with all the details and CANNOT wait to work with you over the next 10 weeks!


Chantelle x

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