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This episode of StudioExpansionTV is all about how to streamline your enrollment process for your studio.

So, we want to step into the shoes of a student who is looking into your studio and going through that process of actually signing up and registering for classes.

We’re going to see if we can streamline some elements of your enrollment systems and even add a little bit more wow factor to get them over the line.

So, let’s look at this from the perspective of a helicopter.

If we rise above and look down on the entire process we’ll see:

  1. When a potential student first sees your ad or they hear about you from a friend
  2. And then they go visit your website
  3. Then get in touch by maybe picking up the phone or email to find out more
  4. Next they actually go through the process of registering
  5. And finally they are inducted through your new student welcome process.

If we’re looking down on it from a helicopter perspective, we can then be like an architect and we can look at how can we smooth out this process to make it easier for more students to enroll and get more over the line.

So, if you think about it, it’s just the same as choreographing a dance or composing a melody.

Each step, each note leads to the next one.

And if there is one bung note, one wrong note, the whole thing sounds wrong, and that’s where we get the drop off of potential students to paying students.

This is what we need to identify in your studio.

Which step in your enrollment process is where students are dropping off?

Are people getting to your website and then bouncing off?

Are people finding your registration process daunting and confusing?

Is it taking you more than a couple of days to follow up with each of the enquiries?

Are people arriving into your studio and still having lots of questions and not feeling part of the family?

The better we can identify why potential students AREN’T getting over the line, the better we can fix it!

And this means more students in your studio.

And that means you can do a happy dance!

Write in the comments below: where are the students dropping off in your registration process?

Once we have identified the gap, then we can start plugging the holes in that process to make sure we turn more potential students into paying studio.

Chantelle xx

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