Studio Expansion Masterclass Live Events 2016

One Weekend Can Change Everything!

Calling all studio owners! Now is your opportunity to take your studio to the next level of success! In October & November 2016 Chantelle, CEO & Founder of Studio Expansion will be holding exclusive Masterclasses for Studio Owners in Melbourne and Florida!

This exclusive opportunity to meet with a group of likeminded studio owners and to work hand-in-hand with Chantelle will truly transform your business!

Invest In Yourself!

As Studio Owners you probably find it hard to take time out to work ON your studio AND on your professional development AND find time to socialise. BINGO! We’ve got you covered!

A weekend with successful studio owners will leave you inspired, feeling fresh with a whole host of new strategies, insights and a plan to evolve your studio to the next level.

But What EXACTLY Will I Learn At The Studio Expansion Live Masterclass?

Here’s a sneaky peek at the five projects we’ll be working on. We don’t just learn- we do!!

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DAY 1- ESSENCE- We begin by crafting a marketing message that perfectly encapsulates you studio’s unique strengths to give you the confidence and clarity to attract the right students, more often.



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DAY 1- EXPANSION- You’ll learn step-by-step the advanced studio marketing sequence to promote your signature programs and fill them to capacity.



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DAY 2- EXCELLENCE- You’ll discover how ti quickly simplify your studio’s systems and automate your marketing to give you back your time and freedom.



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DAY 2- EMPOWER- You’ll use the Thriving Studio Model to build a dynamic team to help your studio provide the best experience in town, so you can focus on passion and profit.



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DAY 2- EVOLUTION- You’ll get crystal clear with a month-by-month plan to take your studio forward, so you can attract a lot more students, make a lot more money while working a LOT less.




IMG_8404“The process that you put all of us through over the past few days is nothing short of amazing. I have been to countless events over the years to try and get some help and clarity on what I need to do to turn things around, and every time have walked away with a note book full of notes and ideas, and still have absolutely no idea what it is that I actually need to do. Not this time. I have walked away with a clear path of what it is that I personally need to do, what steps we are going to start with to totally transform my business and the studio itself, and most of all, I feel like I have walked away with some of the strongest bonds I will ever make withlike minded, and passionate women.”  –Anna Stokes, WestEnd Performing Arts

This event is not to be missed! Due to the Masterclass being so hands on, seats are limited. Don’t miss out!

For further information, to read past participants testimonials and for further details on how to book, follow the links below:

Studio Expansion Masterclass Live- USA

Studio Expansion Masterclass Live- Australia


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