An Ode to SEP and other Studio Expansion Program Reviews

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Wondering what the Studio Expansion Program is all about?  Hear what studio owners just like you have to say about it!

Susan DesRoches , 24/7 Dance Studio, Maryland

“An Ode to SEP” – her rhyming is VERY impressive, check it out!

“What I love about the Studio Expansion Program and why I think it’s grand,

It has really opened my eyes and helped me to see,

There are many other studios that felt the same as me!”

Jenn Horak-Hult, Pied Piper Studios, Iowa.

“What I love about the Studio Expansion Program is the COURAGE that it’s given me as a studio owner and director to really embrace my role.  It’s reawakened my passion and it’s reawakened the passion of our whole team!”

Megan Meyers, Princess Ballerinas, California

“Chantelle helps you design the customer experience so that it really reflects your vision for your studio and design the experience purposefully – not just what’s happening in the class, but what do you want to happen in the class.”

Vikki Dornom, Awesome Dancer, Melbourne

“Since starting the course, my studio has seen 30% growth and this is just by scratching the surface of the material in the course.  Not only has Chantelle and the Studio Expansion Program rejuvenated my passion for running the studio, but my life has more purpose and is more productive.”

Rebecca, Broadway Academy, Victoria

“What I love most about the Studio Expansion Program is the results and how much fun I’ve had gaining those results.  I have DOUBLED my studio literally within a couple of months, going from 50 to 100 students.  The support from the online community of studio owners is just BRILLIANT. You feel like you have great friends in the industry who are so generous with their ideas and their successes and that just helps everyone along.”

Amy Pennington, InJoy Music, Kansas

“Because of the SEP, I no longer dread marketing.  I no longer feel lost in regard to where and how to market. The SEP Community has been extremely supportive.  As a sole proprietor, it used to be easy for me to feel alone and aimless.  Now I have colleagues worldwide who can offer ideas, feedback and support.  Thank you for bringing excitement and passion back into my career.”

Carol Stringham, Song of the Heart Studios, Utah

“The Studio Expansion Program has given me great vision and a plan to move our studio forward and up to the next level.  For our team, it’s been a fantastic collaborative experience.”  – MEET THE SEPers!!

“I’m a SEPer, Please be a SEPer! Wouldn’t you like to be a SEPer too! Be a SEPer” (Sung oh so beautifully too!)

Theresa, Piano Central Studios, South Carolina

“After 20 years running my studio, The Studio Expansion Program has completely renewed my excitement and passion for running my program.  I was actually at a very low point of discouragement when I found the SEP and now I am brimming over with new ideas, new energy and new enthusiasm! At first I wasn’t sure if the fee for the SEP would be worth it, but I can tell you, it’s MORE than worth it.  The SEP is like a never ending gold mine!”

Noni, Rock It Performing Arts, South Australia

“Thanks to Chantelle’s guidance, our studio has blossomed!  Our enrolments increased by 40%.  We were featured in 5 newspaper articles in 4 months.  We now fund 8 of our own community programs.  And better still, we are moving into our own purpose built dance studio!  Most importantly, Chantelle taught me to value myself so I can continue to allow the studio to grow.”

Kelly Quy, Fusion School of Dance, Kansas

“One thing I love about the Studio Expansion Program is the fact that it allowed me to realise the potential that I have in my dance studio.  I am so excited to keep taking this class again and again so that I can keep growing.  I’ve increased my confidence and increased my numbers.”


Erika Hogam, New Attitude Performing Arts Center, South Carolina

New Attitude Performing Arts Center
“It has turned my studio into the space, I always dreamed and hoped it would be”


Katherine Knight , Melody Magic Music Studio , Virginia

“There’s been a complete turnaround from being underwater….to now I am sailing”


Lisa Bibeau, The Dance Academy, Massachusetts

“It has given me so much light and organisation, hope and courage to develop”


Jeanneane Paclzweski, Kindermusik with Jeanneane, Ilinois

“I went from teaching 1 class to 21 students over my goal”



“When I found the SEP I was lost in my business”

“The SEP truely changed everything for me”




“I’m so thankful for joining the SEP this year, it has been life changing”



“The SEP has given me more time to do the things that I love”


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