Studio Instagram Challenge

Hands up those of you who are using Instagram for your studio? Hands up those who are using Instagram and are wanting to take it to the next level? Hands up those of you who want to know how to use Instagram properly for your studio?

The fact is, as much as many studio owners try and avoid it, Instagram is not going away any time soon and amongst teens it is proving to be THE go to social media platform of choice.

Many studio owners I work with focus a lot of their social media efforts solely on Facebook which is where the majority of studio parents reside. But now I really encourage they begin to turn their attention to incorporating Instagram for many reasons:

1- The platform is rapidly growing

As with all social media platform popularity trends there will be the early adopters and then the early and late majority (think about the rise of Facebook.) As more and more flock to the platform for it’s visual appeal, chances are your dream students are already at the party so it would be a good idea to jump on the party bus!


Image from “Purple Cow” by Seth Godin

2- Instagram is the GO TO social platform for teens

If your studio family includes teenagers, you NEED to be on Instagram. Meeker’s 2015 Social Media report found that amongst US teens Instagram is the considered the most important social media platform to them. Being able to use Instagram to the benefit of your students and ultimately your studio is essential.


Image from Meeker’s 2015 Social Media Report

3- The visual nature of the platform

Whether you are a music studio, dance studio, drama academy, performing arts school or Pilates studio Instagram’s photo and video capabilities are your best pal. You can really show off your studio, your values and your students achievements in a way that’s simple for your studio but reaps incredible rewards in terms of marketing your studio.

Whether you are just starting out on your studio Instagram journey or you are looking to make the most of your current platform, this week in the Studio Expansion Planner Hub we are holding a FREE #studioinstachallenge.

Every day over 5 days you will be challenged to create themed posts for your studio Instagram account specifically targeted at growing engaged raving studio fans.

There will also be daily live streams into the Planner Hub exploring how you can make the most of your Instagram efforts for your studio. Topics covered will include:

— Identifying your Instagram Goals
— Creating Compelling Converting Captions
— Hashtags- the low down
— Growing Engagement and Your Following
— Using Instagram Stories for your studio

The challenge will be hosted by Kelly from Team Expansion!




How to get involved:

Simply join the Planner Hub for free on Facebook and look out for your daily prompts and live streams within the group.

Make sure you use #studioinstachallenge on your posts so that we can see your progress.

Keep your eyes peeled in the group for more information, fun worksheets and connecting with other studio owners taking on the challenge!

What stage are you at on your studio Instagram journey? Are you just getting started? Are you looking to learn more about how to use Instagram to your advantage? Let me know in the comments below.


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